How Much Is Efraim Diveroli’s Net Worth And What Has Happened to War Dogs?

Efraim Diveroli’s success story is nothing short of miraculous. He landed a multi-million dollar deal while working from the couch of a room with only a single laptop.

Efraim Diveroli, a former American arms trader, was an ammunition contractor for the US Department of Defense through his company AEY Inc. Throughout the deal’s duration, Efraim and his partner were able to get a sizable contract with the state, boosting his net worth to an unparalleled level.

With their success story abruptly ending due to some unpleasant contractual terms, Efraim Diveroli and his former partner David Packouz are now moving in opposite routes in life. However, do the former couples continue to get along? Or has the passage of time put an end to their friendship?

After Landing a Staggering Contract, Bio Reveals Massive Net Worth

Efraim Diveroli, 32, is currently living a life away from the spotlight, which he was formerly subjected to on a regular basis. However, the former arms dealer, who saw huge ups and downs during his brief career, should have no qualms about his money.

Diveroli convinced his father to sell him a shell company called AEY Inc. in 2001 with the purpose of running a business supplying weaponry and ammunition to the US government. He quickly became a self-made millionaire through his ability to climb his way up the business ladder by bidding on minor contracts in order to outbid numerous large firms in the game.

Efraim quickly became one of the wealthiest arms dealers after securing a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to sell arms and ammunition to the allied forces in Afghanistan with the help of high school classmate and partner David Packouz and financier Ralph Marill.

Diveroli and his boyfriend David Packouzm adopted a lavish lifestyle, partying all over the world, thanks to their large net worth.

However, their upward career quickly came to a halt when the US government suspended AEY Inc. for contract violations after they were accused of selling poor and unserviceable munitions.

Diveroli’s career quickly took a turn for the worse when he was sentenced to four years in federal prison in January 2011. As if that weren’t enough, he was also charged with possessing a weapon while on bail. Diveroli was astute in supporting the investigation that resulted in his sentence being lowered.

Where Have the Real War Dogs Gone?

Efraim and David’s spectacular rise and fall were also depicted in the film War Dogs, which chronicled the ups and downs of the former arms dealer’s career. However, due to the violation of the contract, Efraim received a four-year federal prison sentence, while David received only a seven-month house arrest sentence.
The disparity in sentences has now exacerbated tensions between the former high-school pals and criminal partners. Diveroli’s deteriorating relationship with his former partner David has reached the point where Efraim is defending himself against charges by David and Ralph that he owes them money.

David Packouz confirmed his negative terms with Efraim in a 2016 interview with Miami New Times.

“He cheated me out of millions of dollars. He cheated Ralph out of his life savings. I just believe he should pay me the money he owes me and pay Ralph what he owes him.”

Since his release from prison, his erstwhile partners have taken divergent paths in life. Packouz is a musician who currently sells electronic drum machines through his brand Beatbuddy. He also counseled the actors in the film War Dogs on his character.

Diveroli, on the other hand, was not involved in the production. He just published a memoir titled ‘Once a Gun Runner’ in which he reminisces about his arm trafficking days. Efraim hasn’t been far from the spotlight as the owner of a media company called Incarcerated Entertainment. He has been in the news regularly since initiating an unsuccessful lawsuit against the producers of the film War Dogs and most recently against his memoirs co-author Matthew Cox in January 2018.

Diveroli’s career peaked and then fell away in a very short period of time, and he is currently attempting to put his life back together with the assistance of his family and friends.

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