How Much is Dobre Brothers’ Net Worth? Know All About Their Income From YouTube And Merch

Cyrus Dobre, Darius Dobre, Lucas Dobre, and Marcus Dobre are four brothers who run the YouTube channel Dobre Brothers. The Dobre brothers joined the YouTube community on June 5, 2017, and have since amassed over 8.5 million subscribers.

However, among the Dobre brothers, Lucas and Marcus were the first to join forces to dominate the YouTube community. On January 19, 2011, they collaborated to create their own channel, which is named after them. According to NaiBuzz, the Dobre Brothers’ combined net worth is $18 million, but is this accurate? Let’s figure it out and see if their fortune is beyond your wildest dreams.

The Earnings And Net Worths Of The Dobre Brothers

Since their first appearance, they have dominated the YouTube community, with over 8.5 million subscribers and over 1.6 billion views on their videos. According to SocialBlade, they earn $13.6K to $217.6K per month from their Youtube channel, and $163.2K to $2.6M per year.

Even though the numbers appear to be large, keep in mind that they are divided into for people. The Dobre brothers benefit equally from their combined efforts, and they are living proof that when you work together, you can achieve anything.

Sponsorships and advertisements are also sources of income for them. That’s not all; the Dobre brothers have their own game, Dobre Dunk, which is simply named after them.

Their app is available on both the Apple and Google Play stores. They must make some money from it as well. We can’t say for sure, but based on the odds, the Dobre Brothers’ combined net worth will undoubtedly exceed the million-dollar mark.

Earnings from Other Sources

Unlike many YouTubers, the Dobre brothers make money from a variety of sources. Merchandise, tours, concerts, and, most importantly, Meet and Greet are just a few of them. One ticket for their Meet and Greet program costs around $600, which is a lot of money. So, yes, the Dobre brothers are compensated handsomely for their appearances at various events.

They also have their own website where they sell their products, the prices of which are listed below:

Merchandise Prices
Unisex Athletic Logo Crew Neck Sweatshirt $40.00
Unisex Spiral Tie Dye Long Sleeve $35.00
Unisex Athletic Logo Joggers $45.00
Dobre Embroidered Beanie $20.00
Lit Enamel Pin $7.00

They sell their products not only on their official website but also on Amazon. There’s a wide range of merchandise available, including backpacks, T-shirts, and more.

Moving on to their musical performances, it should come as no surprise to anyone who watches Dobre Brothers on YouTube that they are incredibly talented singers and dancers. They are certainly putting their skills to good use as they travel the world organizing events. As previously stated, their tickets are not inexpensive, and as a result, they earn a substantial sum of money, which undoubtedly adds to their good fortune.

Other YouTube Channel

Despite the fact that the Dobre brothers’ YouTube channel is quite successful, they each have their own channel for some reason. Maybe they’re just looking for a way to supplement their income; Lucas and Marcus’ official channel has over 19 million subscribers and 4.8 billion views. So you could say they’re profiting from both of their well-known channels.

To be clear, Lucas and Marcus’ YouTube channel earns them $29.3K to $468.3K per month and $351.2K to $5.6M per year. That isn’t the case. Cyrus Dobre and his wife Christina Dobre also have their own YouTube channel, which has 2.51 million subscribers and over 2.7 million views on their videos.

They don’t make as much money from this channel as some of the others mentioned above, but who cares if money is simply flowing into your bank account. According to Social Blade, they earn anywhere from $2.7K to $43.4K per month and $32.5K to $520.5K per year.

Life of Luxury

It should come as no surprise to Dobre Brothers fans that they have amassed a large sum of money over the years. They are currently residing in the Dobre House, which they have named.

They shared a video tour of their new home on March 15, 2018. Their home is breathtakingly beautiful and magnificent. This incredible achievement is described by the Dobre brothers as a dream come true.

The property of the Dobre Brothers consists of forty acres of land with three houses, two small and one large mansion-like structure known as the Dobre Headquarters. It’s a dream come true to have a beautiful view to enjoy and a large amount of land that they don’t have to share with anyone.

Their pool-house is one of their small houses, where they have a lot of fun chilling and partying. Their third house is known as the East-Wing, and getting there requires a transportation vehicle, so you can imagine how wealthy they are. On both sides of their primary residence, they have an East-Wing and a West-Wing.

On July 27, 2019, the Dobre brothers uploaded a video in which they showed off their entire car collection. So, let’s get down to business.

Owned By Car’s Model Price
Lucas and Marcus Tahoe e71 Chevy $49,775
Cyrus Dobre BMW x6m $106,695
Darius Dobre BWM x5m $105,100
Lucas and Marcus 4×4 truck $25,000
Marcus Dobre 2019 Porsche GT2 RS $293,200
Cyrus Dobre McLaren 720 S 2018 $287,245
Darius Dobre Lamborghini’s Aventador SVJ 2019 $573,966
Lucas and Marcus GTR Nismo $212,435
Cyrus Dobre Viper 2016 ACR $122,490
Lucas Dobre Ferrari 480 Pista $350,000
Lucas and Marcus Mansory Stallone 812 $315,000

Dobre Cars, a channel dedicated to super-stylish automobiles, is run by the Dobre brothers. Some of the vehicles they own are extremely expensive and difficult to maintain, indicating their wealth. To summarize, Dobre Brothers‘ net worth is made up of their YouTube earnings, merchandise, music concerts, and, of course, their tours and events.

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