How did Whitney Cummings Meet Her Boyfriend Miles Skinner? Here’s All You Need To Know!

Whitney Cummings

On her Instagram stories, comedian Whitney Cummings has been talking a lot about her partner. She was formerly engaged to Miles Skinner, her long-term boyfriend, until February 2020, when she announced the breakup of their year-and-a-half engagement on her podcast.

Whitney Cummings’ dating history and how she met her current boyfriend during the epidemic are detailed below.

When the pandemic began, Whitney Cummings met her veterinarian boyfriend.

With his first appearance on her Instagram story in May 2021, the creator of the popular CBS comedy Two Broke Girls has been active in displaying her new lover on her Instagram page. She also has a distinct “lover” narrative highlight, which features humorous clips of her enjoying time with her guy.

She confessed to host Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan that she met her partner while she was at the vet to help her injured cat.

She was fostering a dog when it attacked another of her dogs, seriously injuring it. The small dog’s eye began to hemorrhage, and since the pandemic had spread, a few veterinarians had opened near her home.

Cummings dashed into the only open vet clinic at the time, where she met her present boyfriend for the first time.

She recalled a conversation she had with Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek about how she didn’t think vets were as attractive as Ted Mullens depicted them on the program.

When Cummings saw her lover in his uniform at the vet store, she said she immediately noted his good looks and thought he was “very hot.”

“I’m holding a bleeding dog and terrified, but I’m thinking, ‘I need to take a picture of him and send it to Dan,'” Cummings explained. “Look, I found Schitt’s Creek’s hottest veterinarian.”

Miles Skinner proposed to Whitney Cummings.

In September 2018, the creator and producer of Whitney got engaged to her long-term lover, Miles Skinner, on her 36th birthday. On Instagram, the comedian posted a video of the magical event, showing off her engagement ring.

“I got engaged today.” I handled it admirably! “This just goes to show that you can find love on a dating app if you work on yourself, follow your gut, and keep your ego in check,” she stated on the Good For You podcast.

Cummings previously revealed that she met Skinner online, despite the fact that the couple kept their relationship largely covert. Cummings and her fiance, Skinner, called off their engagement after more than a year of dating.

“I don’t have an engagement ring on.” “I am no longer engaged,” she revealed on her podcast Good For You on February 5th.

“Nothing nefarious, no hysteria.” It simply wasn’t the case. I know no one will believe me, but I was simply not prepared to arrange a wedding. “I was completely overwhelmed by the situation.”

Cummings said the wedding plans were put on hold since the planning process was “stressful.” Following her mother’s stroke, she found it especially difficult to concentrate on wedding planning.

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