Here’s How Spiritual Influencer Aubrey Marcus Expressed His Love To Vylana Marcus!

Many people have wondered, “Who is Aubrey Marcus?” as the holistic health approach and lifestyle brand, Onnit, has grown in popularity.

Aubrey Marcus is most likely to be classified as a modern spiritual influencer. Marcus has a holistic health philosophy he calls “Total Human Optimization,” and anyone who knows Marcus understands his lifestyle theory has particular restrictions.

All of this is marketed through Onnit, his firm. Marcus is passionate about Onnit, an Inc. 500 firm that provides optimization goods such as plant-based nootropics, meditation, diet modifications, fitness equipment, ice baths, and various hallucinogenic drugs.

There’s also his Aubrey Marcus Podcast, which contains interviews with professionals in sports, business, science, relationships, and spirituality, as well as his book, Own The Day, Own Your Life.

It’s safe to say that the spiritual influencer believes in a lot of things, and polyamory is one of them.

Aubrey and His Fiancée Whitney Miller’s Breakup

Marcus was not always a believer in polyamory. He talked about his road to believing in a nonmonogamous relationship in an interview with London Reel.

He mentioned that he was one of those guys who relied on his partner to justify himself.

He would become restless after a period of time in a relationship since he had exhausted all the validations he need.

As a result, he advised his ex-fiancée, Whitney Miller, to have an open relationship. He admitted, though, that picturing Miller with someone else was difficult for him.

But he persevered; unfortunately, after six years of doing so, their relationship had stagnated. When things between them were difficult, they spent their time with other people rather than working through it.

He attempted a new approach, and it was then that he met his current wife, which convinced him that this was the way to go.

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Relationship Status

Last year, Marcus married Vylana Marcus. On August 5, 2020, the pair aired a podcast together in which they discussed how and when they met, as well as their friendship that led to courting and marriage.

The couple met at the Burning Man festival for the first time. Vylana was aware at the time that Marcus was in an open relationship.

They danced together because they were in the same camp. He said he got a bright white star in his third eye after taking all the psychedelic drugs at the camp.

That’s when he understood his mind was telling him how wonderful the private moment he experienced with Vylana while dancing was.

While they were in Peru, Vylana experienced a similar cosmic experience. They stayed buddies after Burning Man because they were in relationships.

Marcus began to demonstrate his interest in Vylana soon after, but she was cautious due to his polyamory. Finally, he wrote her a touching letter, which Vylana shared and which moved her. Vylana, on the other hand, was still in a relationship with someone else.

They remained friends until they went to ketamine meditation together one day, where they formed an obvious bond.

They continued to receive “messages from the cosmos” after that, indicating that they were intended to be together. Their lives began to fall into place slowly but steadily, and they recognized they were ready to be together.

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