Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Daniel Baldwin’s Daughter – Avis Ann Baldwin!

Daniel Baldwin is the second oldest of the Baldwin brothers, who have four brothers in all. Although he is not as well-known as Alec Baldwin or Stephen Baldwin, he has a few promising films and parts to his credit. Most well-known for his roles in Homicide: Life on the Street, Paparazzi, and other shows. Daniel has established a solid reputation as a performer.

Aside from his celebrity as an actor/producer, Daniel is the proud father of five children from various relationships. For the time being, we’ll be discussing Daniel Baldwin’s daughter, Avis Ann Baldwin, with Joanne Smith, a former British model.

Daniel was overjoyed to see that Avis resembled his then-wife, Joanne

Avis Ann Baldwin, the daughter of paparazzi actor Daniel Baldwin, was born in January 2008. At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Baldwin and Smith welcomed their first child together.

When Daniel’s kid began to resemble his then-wife, Joanne Smith, he was overjoyed. According to People, Baldwin’s ex-wife felt at ease because he was used to labor and wasn’t frightened.

Despite the fact that the couple divorced, their daughter still looks up to them. Furthermore, Baldwin’s ex-wife maintains a private life, but their daughter, Avis Baldwin, appears on his Instagram occasionally.

Avis Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin’s daughter, is eccentric and attached to him. Baldwin’s Instagram is dominated by images from the father-daughter combination.

Has a half-sister and a number of half-siblings

Avis Ann Baldwin isn’t the only child living in the Baldwin household. In August 2009, over a year after Avis’ birth, Daniel Baldwin and former model Joanne Smith welcomed their second child, Finley Rae Martineau Baldwin.

Both of Daniel Baldwin’s daughters are extremely close and spend the majority of their time together. In addition, among Baldwin’s five children, Avis is the second youngest.

Daniel Baldwin, Avis Baldwin’s father, is known for his romances in addition to his acting profession and larger-than-life family reputation. He welcomed his first kid, a daughter from his first wife, Cheryl Baldwin. The two welcomed a gorgeous daughter, Kahlea Baldwin in 1985, who has now blossomed as a director and actor.

Likewise, Baldwin’s second daughter, Alexandra Elizabeth Baldwin, was born from his second marriage with Elizabeth Baldwin. Similarly, the voice-actor, Atticus Baldwin, was formed from his romance with Chicago-actress Isabella Hofmann.

Baldwin’s relationships/marriages collapsed, but he was present in every child’s life while they grew. Thus, being around such lovely people must have taught him well and is raising his two kids, Avis and Finley, away from the spotlight.

Avis Baldwin’s Parents Met In An Alcohol Rehab

As said, Avis Baldwin’s parents met in alcohol recovery in Malibu. Baldwin’s ex-wife, Joanne functioned as a chef at the facility. The two married shortly after their meeting in July 28, 2007.

The former couple had many ups and downs throughout their relationship, but the rope broke when Avis’ mother Joanne Smith was jailed after she violated her probation by driving under the influence. Following the arrest, Daniel Baldwin filed for divorce and temporary restraining order against her alleging her as a danger to his two daughters.

Interestingly, the pair had reconciled and rejected the restraining order as well as divorce. But, things were really difficult, and Baldwin’s ex-wife filed for divorce in 2012.

As for now, both Joanne Smith and Daniel Baldwin are living their lives away from the media spotlight. While Joanne remains grounded, Daniel had announced his engagement with an entrepreneur, Robin Sue Hertz Hempel. Likewise, he is likewise actively cultivating his girls.

Name Meaning- Avis Ann Baldwin

The name Avis is a French version of the Germanic Aveza, a name of unknown significance. However, it refers to the Latin avis, which meaning bird. Similarly, Ann is of Hebrew origin, which signifies favor or grace.

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