Here’s All You Need To Know About Tim Minchin’s First Album Which Discussed His Relationship with Wife!

Tim Minchin has been a musician for as long as he and his wife, Sarah Minchin, have been married. He has been upfront with his wife about his time on tour and encounters with other ladies over their years together.

He, on the other hand, had not penned any songs about his love and commitment. As a result, he wrote a few songs for his debut studio album that highlighted his views about fidelity.

Tim Minchin Picked His Wife Over Everyone Else

‘I’ll Take Lonely Tonight’ was Tim’s second single from his debut album, Apart Together. It was a song about how he had spent his entire life touring and had spent the majority of his time away from his wife.

In the song, he expresses his sentiments of being alone on tour and having the desire to be disloyal to his wife. The song, rather than being an admission of infidelity, was a celebration of her not having been cheated on.

The music “drives towards a release of relief, the happiness, the almost-ecstatic orgasmic bliss of not having f——d up,” as he puts it.

Tim explained the entire record was about wanting to speak honestly and express how he experienced love over the years while speaking to NME, where he made the aforementioned remark.

He joked that committing to another person meant agreeing to “fall apart together.”

During a separate interview with I News, he stated that while touring, he had been in numerous circumstances when he could have been unfaithful. But he chose loyalty every single time.

His entire concept of love was that it was based on human decisions. “It’s [sic] a choice made over and over in the face of an infinite number of alternatives. And there’s a certain beauty about that.”

Sarah, his wife, is aware of everything. Sarah appreciated Tim’s point of view in these songs because he had always been open in his marriage.

The artist stated that she knew that people had to make a conscious decision to be faithful. He claimed that as time passed, the decision got more difficult. He did admit, however, that Sarah liked the music and did not find the sentiments strange, despite the fact that she had trouble hearing the lyrics for the first time.

While Tim sees these feelings of rushing and his ability to control them as a testament to his partner, Sarah is unconcerned.

She once retaliated by claiming that he had composed another song that led girls to believe that “he was someone sexual.”

Tim Minchin’s Wife’s Family Life

Tim and Sarah met in Perth when they were both teenagers. He met her when he was 17 years old, and she was the first lady he had ever dated. It was around 1992 at the time.

Tim and his wife married in 2001, and they now have two children. In September 2018, Violet, their daughter, was 12 years old, and Caspar, their son, was nine years old.

The family used to live in Los Angeles, but in December 2017, they relocated to Sydney.

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