Here’s All You Need To Know About TikTok Star Harry Raftus Including His Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend, and More!

Harry Raftus, who is currently represented by The Fuel Injector, is an internet personality who is well-known for posting pictures of his college and fraternity life on social media. On Instagram and Tiktok, he has over 500,000 and 1 million followers, respectively, demonstrating his social media reach and popularity.

Raftus’ TikTok exploits are part of a burgeoning social media subculture. It features boisterous and irresponsible college and partying content. Learn more about the Orange, California-based Social Media Influencer, including his life before becoming a TikTok breakthrough star, a peek at his personal life, and an in-depth look at his TikTok advantages.

Let’s get this party started.

Harry Raftus is a native of Canada

Raftus was born in Toronto, Canada, on December 13, 2000. He used to do theater in school and was also a rugby player, so he claimed to have two distinct social circles.

During his senior year of high school, he worked as an office administrator for Canaccord Genuity Group Inc in Toronto and Ontario. He was in charge of studying and creating government structure presentations for dealers from past fiscal years.

Raftus is a student at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, where he has been since 2018. He is working on a bachelor’s degree in public relations and advertising. In 2022, the now-21-year-old will graduate.

Harry is a member of Chapman University’s Phi Delta Theta, California Phi, an international social fraternity. The Canadian social media celebrity also has a HubSpot Academy content marketing license. Raftus traveled to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor.

Harry Raftus Became Famous For His Drinking Styles Raftus began posting montages of himself partying with friends on the one-minute video app in May 2020. His account, on the other hand, didn’t take off until he started downing beers and strong seltzers in numerous locations.

Harry had amassed a million TikTok followers by July 2021, largely due to his videos of him sipping drinks. Raftus shooters a Pabst Blue Ribbon against the backdrop of a duck pecking him in one of his videos. He bottles beer during a snowfall in another post. Raftus also belches at the end of practically all of his videos as an outro.

As a social media celebrity, Harry has promoted content for brands such as Bumble, HouseParty, and HeardWell. He’s also directed music campaigns for musicians such as The Weeknd, DJ Snake, and others. Furthermore, the TikTok star from Ontario has entertained over 2,000 people at ticketed events across the United States.

He Is Known For Several Drinking Games

Harry is the President and Founder of FACE-OFF Drinking Game, in addition to being a well-known TikToker. It’s a team-based card game that’s perfect for social gatherings, get-togethers, and parties.

Raftus also has a partnership with ChugBud, the viral drinking apparatus, and currently sells a branded product under his name on their website. He also has a feature section on Young Hollywood’s YouTube channel and a Business Insider article.

The college student claims he hopes to own an alcohol firm or a clothes line in the future.

Is Harry Raftus dating someone?

Harry Raftus claimed he had been single for a while and was enjoying it more at the time in an interview with Young Hollywood in February 2021. “Anytime soon,” Raftus remarked, he was not searching for a love relationship. He did say, though, that after graduation, he might consider dating.

For the time being, he appears to be uninterested in having a relationship. As a result, the master of shotgunning drinks once admitted to not responding to a female in his DM and instead connecting her with a friend. His dream girl, on the other hand, is someone who has a strong sense of fashion, thrift style, and vintage streetwear, as well as being amusing, intellectual, and determined.

Harry Raftus’s Net Worth Broken Down

Song promos and alcohol-related brand deals are Harry Raftus’ main sources of income. His drinking skill has helped him gain the majority of his TikTok followers and, as a result, advertising. Raftus’ drinking content may not appeal to some family-friendly businesses, but it does appeal to some big advertisers.

According to Business Insider, the Canadian artist has made thousands of dollars from song promotions and has made even more money from his drinking card game. He’s one of the many creators, such as Sway LA on TikTok and the Nelk Boys on YouTube, who have turned partying videos into full-fledged companies. Not to add the fact that the beer chugger is known to make money via merchandise sales.

A Little More About His Earnings Model

Raftus takes a different method when it comes to monetizing his account because his drinking material isn’t family-friendly. For starters, he has sponsorship arrangements with companies that are associated to drinking, such as the card game Do or Drink.

A sponsored video campaign costs Harry between $4,000 and $7,500, according to reports. In a similar vein, the booze enthusiast has collaborated with brands such as Crank Lager and Bomani, a spiked-cold-brew company. Raftus claims he gets unsolicited free alcohol in the mail from companies like Four Loko on a monthly basis. He previously stated that a sponsored video campaign would cost between $4,000 and $7,500.

To elaborate, the figures are determined by his timetables and how well they correspond to his content style. The alleged five-foot-ten-inch-tall drinker also makes money by promoting songs on TikTok, earning between $1,000 and $2,500 for a 30-second TikTok video. Raftus, like the Nelk Boys, is said to have direct-to-consumer sales as a source of income.

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