Here’s All You Need To Know About The Parents Of Morgan Harvey!

Morgan Harvey rose to fame as Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter, a well-known television personality and award-winning talk show host. As a food blogger and cookbook author, she’s created a name for herself. She’s the creator of the “I Need Some Mo” blog, which offers cooking advice and recipes. She’s also the author of Party Heart, an e-book.

Relationship Status

Morgan Harvey is happily married to DJ Kareem Hawthorne, whom she met in high school. They first met in 2006, when she entered Miss Black and Gold Pageant at Morehouse College, which was organized by Kareem’s fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha.

Kareem surprised her with a wedding proposal at the very site where he first proclaimed his love for her after they had been dating for a while. Steve, her father, walked her down the aisle on October 12, 2013.

A lavish wedding celebration

235 people attended the lavish wedding ceremony, which took place in Atlanta’s Cathedral of St. Philip. A dinner reception was held in the ballroom of St. Regis Atlanta following the ceremony. According to Morgan, the ceremony reflected the experience they wanted the guests to have, which was a classy traditional affair with modern touches.

Morgan Harvey Steve
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The mother of two lovely children

With her husband, Kareem, also known as DJ Bruckup, she has two lovely children. Elle, their first daughter, was born on March 22, 2015, and Marley Jean, their second daughter, is due on September 1, 2020. Kareem is a true family man who puts his family first.

His Instagram feed is packed with photographs of him and his family, including his children and wife. Morgan is a co-owner of East One Twelve Productions and Company Harvey Events, both of which are part of Steven Harvey Global, which Steve founded in 2017 by uniting all of his businesses.

She was raised in a family with brothers and sisters

Lori Harvey, Morgan’s sister, and Jason Harvey, Morgan’s brother, were her siblings when she was growing up. Steve decided to take all three of them in. Lori is a model in the fashion industry, and her brother Jason is the founder of the Yevrah women’s footwear line.

What is the name of her biological father?

Darnell Woods and Marjorie Bridges had a son named Morgan Woods. Her mother was married to Jim Townsend before her father. When Jim was sentenced to prison for drug trafficking, they separated. Darnell was also a narcotics dealer, according to the informant.

How did Steve and Marjorie, his now-wife, meet?

Steve met Marjorie at the Comedy Club in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was performing stand-up comedy. Steve claims that when he first met Marjorie, his breathing came to a halt for a few moments. Marjorie and her few companions had come late for the event and were sitting right next to the stage, where he continued to stare at her silently.

He apologized and stated he was going to marry her even though he had no idea who she was when he realized he needed to say something. On June 25th, 2007, he made good on his vow and married her.

For both of them, it was their third marriage. Steve has previously been married twice. His first wife was Marcia Harvey, with whom he produced twin daughters Brandi Harvey and Karli.

His second wife, Mary Lee Harvey, was his second wife, with whom he had one son, Wynton Harvey. Steve and Marjorie Harvey are Morgan’s parents. Morgan Harvey’s parents are Steve and Marjorie Harvey. This information was obtained from Instagram.

Divorce rumors have surfaced

Morgan leads a nice life with her husband and children, thus there are no divorce rumors. However, due to Steve’s strong association with Showbiz Pal Kris Jenner, her parents’ divorce rumors made news in 2018, which turned out to be unfounded.

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