Here’s All You Need To Know About The Parents Of Draya Michele!

Draya Michele

Draya Michele is well-known as a reality personality, actor, and all-around professional success. Michele has disclosed remarkably little of her personal life—her life as a mother and a daughter—while her professional aspirations and endeavors are public for everyone to admire and enjoy.

Let us learn about her life as a daughter for the time being.

On Mother’s Day, Draya Michele’s father passed away

Michele’s father died on May 9, 2021, which is a somber note to begin on. So, while the rest of the world was enjoying Mother’s Day, she was grieving the loss of her father.

Michele wrote on Instagram that she was grieving the loss of her father. She did not, however, reveal what caused his untimely death. She wrote a poignant condolence letter for her father alongside a carousel of images framing her and her father on May 10, 2021. She wrote in her statement that this Mother’s Day had been one of the most difficult days she’d ever had to face.

Draya Michele Will Always Remember Her Father

Michele went on to say that her father’s death did not come out of nowhere later in her message.

I adore you, dad; you’ve been suffering for years and didn’t need to. I’m pleased you’re at peace and in the presence of GOD.

She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to visit her father while he was still alive and well.

“I will always celebrate you,” she stated as she ended her condolence message.

Draya Michele’s parents were both supportive of her.

Michele’s father, however, was not the only one who had shown her love and support. Both of the parents were huge fans of the up-and-coming Hollywood star.

Draya Michele
Source: Daily Mail

Valeria Diaz, in particular, was there for Draya when she was at her lowest. Michele was pregnant with her first kid at the age of seventeen, for those who are unaware. Her then-boyfriend was sentenced to ten years in prison seven months into her pregnancy. She still thanks her mother for providing her all the love and support she needed to get through that difficult time.

Michele puts it this way:

When I was seventeen years old, I fell pregnant by a man who was incarcerated for ten years when I was seven months pregnant. I was able to make it through with the aid of my mother.

Michele is fortunate to have her mother by her side. She was still struggling as of September 22, 2021, because her father was no longer with her.

According to a Twitter message she wrote that day, she found it difficult to accept the terrible situation.

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