Here’s All You Need To Know About Tamiko Bolton!

Tamiko Bolton is the wife of Hungarian-American billionaire philanthropist George Soros. She is an American entrepreneur, licensed pharmacist, and educational consultant.

Family and biographical information

Her mother is a nurse, while her father is a retired naval commander named Robert J. Bolton. Her family raised her in California, and Tamiko Bolton eventually earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah. She subsequently went on to the University of Miami to get her MBA.

Relationship Status

She is married to George Soros, a billionaire who is 41 years her senior. Tamiko is George’s second husband, and she is George’s third wife. In 2008, the pair met at a dinner gathering.

During a week-long visit to the Hamptons, a summer coastal community on Long Island, George proposed to her in mid-2012, and they began dating shortly after. After a few months of dating, they felt a connection and were engaged in August 2012 at George’s house in Southampton, New York.

The engagement ring, which was composed of Graff diamonds set in platinum with a rose gold band, was quite expensive. The pair married on September 21, 2013, in a grandiose wedding ceremony in Bedford, New York.

Their wedding was attended by 500 people, including their families and George’s five children from a previous marriage. The couple held two celebrations after their wedding, one at Caramoor Center for Music and Arts and the other at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.

Tamiko Bolton Wife
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In 2011, George’s previous partner, Adriana Ferreyr, exacerbated complications in his love life by dragging Tamiko into a legal struggle. Adriana filed a $50 million lawsuit against George, alleging that he promised her the $1.9 million Manhattan condominium he had given to Tamiko. Tamiko was also accused of being a gold digger because she was seeing a man nearly twice her age.

Robert Daniel Soros, Jonathan Soros, and Andrea Soros Colombel are the three children of George and Annaliese Witschalk, who married in 1960.

They split after 23 years of marriage, and George married Susan Weber, his second wife, in 1983. With his second wife, Alexander and Gregory Soros, he had two children. They were married for 22 years before divorcing in 2005.

Tamiko Bolton’s Net Worth

Her net worth is still being computed. However, she makes a nice living as an entrepreneur, pharmacist, and educational consultant. Tamiko started working as soon as she completed her schooling. She was a pharmacist at a prestigious medical center. She opened her own internet store, selling dietary supplements and vitamins, a few years later.

She also started teaching yoga online. She also works for George Soros’s firm, Soros Fund Management. Her husband’s net worth is believed to be $8.3 billion. He made a $500 million donation to aid Syrian refugees. He is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” and is attributed with causing the British pound to depreciate. As of 2017, George is the world’s richest hedge-fund manager, according to Forbes magazine.

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