Here’s All You Need To Know About Lisa Robertson’s Relationship History and Personal Life!

There was televised home buying before smartphones and e-commerce took over the market. QVC (Quality Value Convenience) was a home shopping network based in the United States. The show had hosts who presented the audience to a variety of products.

Since its inception in 1986, QVC has had a slew of hosts, with Lisa Robertson being one of the longest-serving. She was a QVC personality for almost 20 years and had over 30 million viewers. She went on to host shows such as PM Style, The Lisa Robertson Show, Ask Lisa About Style, and Friday Night Beauty after that. She was also a fashion designer who, in 2012, launched the GILI collection.

Handbags, shoes, jewelry, presents, and Christmas decor were all part of the collection. She went on to become a fashion and beauty star with a large following.

“Is Lisa Robertson married?” fans may wonder if they remember her from that era. No, that is not the case. She has no husband, however she had a relationship with Erin McGee.

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Lisa Robertson- Relationship Status

Despite the fact that the pair is no longer together, the Daily Mail reported in April 2015 that they were dating. The million-dollar QVC anchor was said to be over over heels in love with her tattooed personal trainer boyfriend, who was 11 years her junior. Robertson claimed to living in fear before dating McGee because she had been stalked four times while still working at QVC.

Robertson, on the other hand, appeared to be attempting to move on from the tragedy, as she shared more of her personal life on social media. The pair shared images from their holidays on a regular basis and spent many significant occasions together, such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Fans assumed she was getting married after she began blogging so much about their personal lives. Robertson and McGee, according to the outlet, had already met each other’s families and had even flown with McGee’s daughter and son.

The site also reported that Robertson, who didn’t have much time for a lover, approached Tom Ciccarone, but he turned her down since his ex-wife had put him off relationships. By January 2015, Robertson had begun uploading work-out photos with McGee as well as holiday photos of the two of them together.

The couple has broken up, with McGee dating someone new, albeit there is no word on when they split up.
Erin McGee and Lisa Robertson Following a breakup,

McGee is currently seeing Dawn Criville, according to his Instagram

McGee frequently posts images with her, although it’s unclear when they started dating. McGee has also transitioned from personal training to real estate. According to his Instagram bio, he works for The Matt Gorham Group as a realtor.

Robertson’s personal life is kept quiet on social media, thus it is unknown if she has found someone new in her life. Her Instagram, on the other hand, is filled with photographs of her profession, so no one knows if she is single or not.

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