Here’s All You Need To Know About Kmele Foster’s Personal and Married Life!

Kmele Foster has gained notoriety over the years for his popular podcast, The Fifth Column, which features larger-than-life adventures.
Aside from that, he is known for using his internet video platform, Freethink Media, to tell stories about human resilience and growth.

Foster is a no-nonsense political analyst and telecommunications entrepreneur who is progressively gaining international recognition. More than that, he is a devoted husband and parent. Here’s all we know about his marriage so far!

In 2017, Kmele Foster and his wife welcomed their first child

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Tracy Foster, Foster’s long-time partner, is his wife. Although it is unclear when the couple began dating or married, Foster’s Instagram account suggests they have been together since 2015. Every June 17, they also commemorate their wedding anniversary.

Lia Lynette Emerson Foster, the couple’s first child, was born in December 2017. Foster announced the arrival of his newborn girl on Twitter, tweeting a photo of himself holding his daughter and covering his face.

The podcaster captioned the photo, “Averaging what feels like 3.25 diaper swaps every awake hour.” Then, boasting about his newfound fatherhood, Foster revealed that since his child’s arrival, his barbershop visits had become few.

“The fade has to go a little deeper,” Foster explained, explaining why baseball caps were required for his photos. “But there’s also SO MUCH CUTE BABY,” he said after describing the new difficult obligations.

Foster has kept his supporters updated on his daughter’s progress since she was born, uploading images of her on social media. He shared a photo of the three-year-old on September 29, 2020, revealing she had started preschool.

Wedding Bands Have Been Expended Due to Adventurous Tours

Foster and Tracy are an adventurous pair, to say the least. Tokyo, San Pedro de Atacama, Easter Island in Chile, Santorini in Greece, Namibian Desert, Antarctica, Sydney Harbour, and even Iceland have all been visited by the couple.

While the adventures have deepened their bond, they have also cost them one thing in particular: wedding bands. Foster said on Twitter on August 13, 2020 that he had already lost three to four wedding bands in various bodies of water. He quipped that he liked to imagine their marriage improved with each new ring.

The Wife of Kmele Foster Tracy Foster’s wife is a brand marketing strategist and the founder of ONA, a worldwide handbag and accessory boutique. She established her company in 2010. Her LinkedIn page states that she earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Maryland in 2003. She then worked for six months as a recruitment officer for Teach for America.

She then became a development associate at Thurgood Marshall Academy in 2005, and was eventually elevated to strategic projects manager. In 2009, the mother of one left her job and pursued other chances.

Tracy is a partner at NextGen Venture Partners and a mentor at Almaworks at the time of writing. She also works for Independent Consultant as a marketing strategist.

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