Here’s All You Need To Know About Ken Jeong’s Wife – Tran Jeong!

Tran Jeong is well-known as the actress Ken Jeong’s wife. Ken is most recognized for his role in the sitcom ‘Community,’ in which he played Ben Chang.

Her Relatives

Tran Jeong was born in Vietnam and holds an American passport. Tran met Ken at Kaiser Permanente in West Los Angeles, where they both worked. Ken was a coworker of hers. They dated for two years before marrying in September 2004, after dating for two years.

The pair has been happily married for 16 years, with no rumors of divorce or illicit affairs. Tran and his wife, Ken, have twin sons and daughters. In 2007, Zooey and Alexa Jeong were born.

Breast Cancer was discovered in her body

Tran was diagnosed with stage three negative breast cancer a year after her children were born in 2008, barely a year after they were born. She endured sixteen rounds of chemotherapy and a mastectomy after that. After that, she was treated with radiation therapy. In 2010, her doctors notified her that she had been cancer-free for almost two years.

Ken, her husband, was by her side the entire time, acting as her caretaker. In 2019, at an Emmy Award presentation, Ken posted the following photo with Tran. ‘You make me full, Ho,’ reads the message on the photo.

Tran Jeong Husband
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Ken Jeong first feature-length animated film

Ken Jeong’s debut animated picture, “Over the Moon,” as well as his two Fox television series, are discussed by Ellen. They then talked about Ken’s tattoos and the places where they usually get tattooed.

Even though he likes tattoos, Ken states he doesn’t enjoy having them on the back of his legs, i.e. the calves. Ellen wanted to know if Ken and Tran Jeong’s twin children, who were thirteen at the time of the interview, felt their father is cool. According to Ken, they don’t since they’ve blocked him on social media.

In response to the issue of whether they watch or enjoy his shows, Ken stated that they do, but not for the reasons he claims. They also talked about his 11-month-old golden doodle puppy, “Moca.”

According to Ken, the rise in hate crimes against Asians is a “Pandemic of Hate.” Overall hate crimes have reduced to 7% since the global pandemic began in 2020, while Asian-related hate crimes have increased to 15%. It was precisely because of terminology like ‘Kung Fu’ and ‘China Virus,’ according to Ken. He’s been trying to draw attention to the spike in anti-Asian American hate crimes. He also spoke to Asian American children, reassuring them that they are not alone in their struggles.

Tran Jeong’s height and weight

She stands 1.65 meters or 165 cm tall, or 5 feet 5 inches tall. She is roughly 55 kilograms in weight (121 pounds). Her golden hair complements her dark brown eyes. Her body measurements are 34-28-40 inches. Her bra cup size is 34 C.

Tran Jeong- Net Worth

Tran’s net worth is yet to be determined. She is a family doctor who is Vietnamese-American. She has approximately two decades of experience as a doctor. She is currently employed in Woodland Hills, California. She also works out of a second location in Thousand Oaks, California. According to Glassdoor, a physician’s annual salary is $246,291.

She also owns a portion of her husband’s estimated $14 million net worth. He’s accumulated it through his successful career as a comedian and actor. Tran’s husband, Ken Tran, is a certified physician as well as an actor, producer, writer, and comedian.

He is still allowed to practice medicine in California. His roles in the television comedy ‘Community’ and the film series ‘The Hangover’ catapulted him to fame. ‘Knocked Up,’ ‘Role Models,’ ‘Furry,’ ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ ‘Dr. Ken,’ and others are among the television shows and films in which he has appeared. He appears in both the American and British versions of ‘The Masked Singer,’ a singing competition show.

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