Here’s All You Need To Know About Kate Walsh’s Resemblance To Catherine Deneuve!

Kate Walsh, well known for her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery on Grey’s Anatomy, looks a lot like Catherine Deneuve, a French actress.

There is no clear connection between the two. However, they are both actors with a similar appearance. Despite the fact that the two are over 24 years apart in age, folks can’t help but wonder if Deneuve was Walsh when Kate Walsh was younger.

Even the show couldn’t help but make a joke about their uncanny resemblance. Walsh’s character, Dr. Montgomery, is compared to Deneuve by the husband of a patient in season 2, episode 20 of the series.

Some have even compared Walsh to the French actress’s long-lost offspring Others couldn’t help but imagine that the two actresses are the same person and that they are vampires.

The likeness astounds most people. Some people, however, are not fond of it.

Walsh on Deneuve’s Resemblance

The 53-year-old herself has seen a resemblance between them. Walsh began posting images of her lady crush on Twitter in June 2017, using the hashtag #WCW.

Deneuve was the one who did it. Fans couldn’t help but notice the similarities between them in the comments below the tweet. While the majority of fans alluded to the Grey’s Anatomy episode, others referred to them as twins.

Walsh praised Deneuve in March 2019, in honor of Women’s History Month. She used Instagram to upload a photo of Deneuve and a description of the actress. She referred to the French actress as her woman crush and expressed her admiration for her.

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