Here’s All You Need To Know About Giggity4204 And His Viral TikTok and Google Search!

After getting her viewers to search for “Giggity 420” on Google, a TikToker who goes by the moniker Giggity4204 became a Google trend.

Within the first few days of its release, the video garnered over 2.6 million views.

What Started the Giggity420 Google Trend?

The TikToker, known on the platform as Bubbles, claimed that her account was private and that her bio stated that she was 19 years old.

She was seen riding what appeared to be a car tire at a store and then searching her name in the viral TikTok video. Isn’t it straightforward?

I’m not a [expletive], but who knows?” said the speaker in the background as she looked for her name.

That piqued the audience’s interest, and they went to Google to see what the findings would be.

Once enough individuals raced to Google to type in the search terms, they were only served sites that documented and recounted how the trend began, adding fuel to the already raging flames. This effectively generated a positive feedback loop for the TikToker, as each touchpoint piqued the interest of her viewers and potential viewers.

Giggity4204 was featured on the Twitter trending list, as Heavy reported.

Giggity4204’s Attempt at Influence on Social Media

If the TikToker’s goal was to develop social media clout, this appears to be a highly plausible tactic, since it’s working out nicely. Other TikTokers are following her lead and creating similar videos in the hopes of achieving the same result.

Giggity4204 singled out a commenter from her first viral video in a subsequent video, and the comment read: “I’m leaving a comment so that I can discover this after work. For the sake of my own research.”

For the uninitiated, “for research purposes” denotes stuff that is provocative and/or sexual in character.

This, too, fed back into the feedback loop. This video attracted more viewers to her initial video, amplifying its impact on internet users. Also, in case you were curious, these were far from her first suggestive posts on the network. Almost all of her TikTok videos have her wearing only a bra and making sexual remarks and/or gestures.

She’s also used the similar tactic to lead her TikTok followers to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, which appears to have worked this time.

With only 18 postings to her belt, the social media influencer has amassed an impressive 114 thousand Instagram followers as of this writing. To be fair, practically every single one of these posts is profanity in some way.

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