Here’s All You Need To Know About Francine Valli Including Her Death, Career, Parents, And More!

Francine Valli

Francine Valli is no longer with us, yet her memory lives on and remains as fresh as ever. She is remembered by music aficionados and her father’s followers as the daughter of the legendary American musician Frankie Valli.

Francine had barely begun her career when her father, the lead vocalist of The Four Seasons, smashed all the records in the late twentieth century. Francine was the youngest of Frankie’s six children, and her death still saddens the family.

However, how did Francine Valli pass away? How did she get along with her parents? A thorough account of Frankie Valli’s youngest daughter can be found here.

Francine Valli, Frankie Valli’s daughter, has died. Francine Valli was the daughter of American actor Frankie and his wife Marry Mandel when she was 20 years old. Francine Castelluccio was her given name when she was born in 1960.

Though she was a fortunate child to be born into such a wealthy household, she did not live a long life. She died on August 16, 1980, in Newark, NJ, at the age of 20. She was a University student at the time of her death.

What Caused Francine Valli’s Death?

The cause of Valli’s death has been the subject of various rumors. Though there have been rumors that she committed suicide, this is not the case.

Francine died of a heroin overdose, according to reports. According to sources, her death was caused by difficulties caused by a combination of Quaaludes and alcohol; Quaaludes are a type of sedative and hypnotic medication.

Frankie, who was aware of his daughter’s addiction, got her in rehab prior to her death. But, sadly, fate had other plans for them.

Francine Valli had a close relationship with her parents and siblings

Francine was the daughter of American singer Frankie and Mary Mandel, as previously stated. She had a nice relationship with her parents, just like any other daughter.

Her parents had been married for almost 14 years when she was born. Though they had a good start, her parents’ relationship quickly deteriorated. They married in 1957, but their marriage ended in divorce in 1971.

Francine Valli and her family, including her father and brothers Francine Valli is pictured with her father and brothers in the middle.
Francesco Valli, Antonia Valli, Celia Valli, Brando Valli, and Emilio Valli were her five siblings. Francine had a good relationship with all of her siblings because she was the youngest.

Tragic Events Prior to Her Death

Francine’s elder sister, Celia Sabin Selleck, who was born from her mother’s previous marriage, perished in a horrific accident just six months before she died.

Celia died after falling from a fire escape, according to the report. According to sources, Celia collapsed while attempting to exit her New York flat through a fire escape. Not only that, but Francine Valli’s paternal grandfather died of a stroke the same year, leaving the family with yet another tragedy.

Her father has three wives

Frankie, Francine’s father, was not only married to her mother Mary, but also had two other wives. Following his divorce from his first wife, he married MaryAnn Hannigan for the second time.

In 1974, they married. However, their relationship did not proceed as planned this time. In 1982, they divorced after only eight years of marriage.

Frankie married Randy Clohessy for the third time two years after her divorce from MaryAnn. They married in 1984, but their marriage ended in 2004.

Francine had a dream of being a singer

Francine was drawn to music because she was the daughter of a singer. She did, in fact, have a wonderful voice, and there are a few audio recordings of her on the internet. Midnight At The Oasis, Street Life, ‘I Try,’ and many other songs have been recorded by her.

In the film Jersey Boys, her death is depicted. In the 2014 musical drama Jersey Boys, a little portion of Francine’s life was depicted. The film, which was based on the true story of Frankie Valli and his band, also featured his daughter Francine’s death at the age of 20.

Freya Tingley, an Australian actress, portrayed Francine in the film. The film was a box office smash, winning six Tony Awards in the process.

Francine Valli’s father is still active on the stage

Frankie, Francine’s singer father, is still active in the music industry. He is the lead singer of The Four Seasons and has written numerous popular songs with them.

“Sherry” (1962), “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (1962), “Walk Like a Man” (1963), “Rag Doll” (1964), and “December 1963” are some of his best-known works (Oh, What a Night).

The most fascinating aspect about him is that he is already 86 years old and still performs. He announced his gig on Twitter a year ago, in February 2019.

Aside from singing, Frankie is also an actor who has been in a few films. He played Frank Doss, a Mafia boss, in season 2, episode 5 of Miami Vice.

In addition, he played a pivotal role in the television film Witness to the Mob. In addition, he played mobster Rusty Millio in Seasons 5 and 6 of HBO’s The Sopranos.