Here’s All You Need To Know About DMX’s Mother – Arnett Simmons!

DMX’s mother is Arnett Simmons. She is Joe Barker’s wife. Earl Simmons is a rapper, actor, and songwriter whose real name is Earl Simmons. In the early 1990s, artist began working in this sector.

Relationship Status

Yes, the artist was married, to answer your question. Following in his father’s footsteps, Earl Arnett married Tashera Simmons in 1998. At the time, DMX had already begun his successful career and was enjoying a happy life with his wife.

Living with a celebrity, however, is not as simple as we had hoped. They would be able to buy anything they wanted, but complications would occur, as the woman stated on her website, citing the benefits and drawbacks and expanding on it.


Their lives are continuously inspected by the media, camera lights, and admirers, as evidenced by the suffering here. She went on to remark that she wanted to keep a separation between people’s opinions and criticism. And their private lives were shown live on television.

Quick Facts

Name Arnett Simmons
Famous As Celebrity Mother
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Joe Barker
No Of Children 3

Tashera met her husband when she was a little girl

We’ve known about their life since their marriage, but their story has always felt like something out of a movie. In her memoir, she described going to a lounge with a friend.

The woman was in her early twenties at the time, so she only ordered a Coke. She remembered the baby father of her sister approaching her and expressing his want to meet her. Earl began approaching her after that, but Tashera seemed uninterested.

However, the musician devoted a song to the woman who, although being ashamed at first, couldn’t stop herself from expressing her feelings for him at a Brown Eyes club. What’s more, the pair started dating and married soon after.

Wedding vows didn’t last indefinitely, did they?

It’s a pity, but it’s the truth. The long-term relationship did not work out for the pair. To be more specific, the couple’s relationship began to disintegrate when her partner was arrested multiple times and had d*ug problems.

The couple filed for divorce after several attempts and efforts did not work out. The woman reminiscing said that she had previously made the mistake of sacrificing too much for her romance.

Since the couple started when they were too young, she would make the same mistake again. Finally, Tashera stated that she had given her all in the marriage and that now it is time for her to go on cheerfully, after which they divorced in 2014.

DMX died at the age of 50

We are heartbroken, but we must accept the fact that the artist is no longer with us. What had happened? According to accounts, DMX suffered a fatal heart attack and then remained unconscious.

His fans, including his ex-wife Tashera, wished for a speedy recovery. His fate, however, was in his hands, and he died in White Plains Hospital at the age of 50, surrounded by his family.

What is the total number of children that DMX has?

Earl had a total of 15 children at the time of his death. Yes, you read that right. With his ex-wife Tashera, he has four children: Xavier Simmons, Tocoma, Shawn, and Praise Mary.

However, it has been stated that while still married to Tashera, he had adulterous affairs. As a result, he fathered an additional 11 children, the identities of whom are unknown.

Net Worth and Salary

Arnett Simmons’ net worth is unknown, but her late son DMX or Earl Simmons had a total estimated net worth of $1 million at the time of his death.

DMX’s mother hurt him in many ways

DMX’s autobiography, “E.A.R.L.,” says that Arnett and some of her boyfriends used to beat Earl so badly that he lost teeth and got cuts and bruises all over his face. When he was only 14, DMX would hang out on the streets of Yonkers to avoid Arnett’s bad treatment.

To get away from his mother’s beatings, he made friends with strays and walked the streets at night with them. Arnett set it up for him to live in a group home for boys, where DMX quickly fell in love with hip hop music. In fact, he came up with his stage name “DMX” here after playing an instrument with the same name.

In his book, DMX talks about how his alcoholic mother hurt him and how he wanted to get away from her. The rapper has been trying to leave his abusive mother for years so that he can find a better life. In 2012, when he saw his mother again on the VH1 reality show “Couples Therapy,” he started to get better. In the emotional part, they started to fix what had been a broken relationship. Seven years later, in a 2019 GQ article, Drake talked about how he still loves her despite everything that went wrong and has forgiven her as well.

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