Here’s A Look at Nikita Dragun’s Transformation – Her Before And After Pics Are Stunning!

On YouTube, there are numerous beauty influencers, and Nikita Dragun is one of them. Dragun began her YouTube career in 2014 by offering cosmetic tutorials with her followers.

Nikita Dragun is a successful businesswoman who has her own makeup line in addition to being a well-known beauty influencer.

She is also a role model for the LGBTQ community because of her outspokenness regarding her gender identity. She came out as transgender in 2015, took her fans on a journey through her transition, and was entirely transparent throughout.

She’s had a number of cosmetic operations along the line, which she’s always been honest about. She has also expressed satisfaction in her change on several occasions.

Here’s a look at how she’s changed over the years.

Nikita Prior to Surgery

When Dragun was in preschool, she recognized she was different. She told Forbes that she was quite sophisticated for her age and that when she was in preschool, she liked to dress up and pretend to be a princess. However, one day, her teacher inquired as to why she was dressed in such a manner and contacted her parents.

Dragun had to hide her true identity and feelings in order to avoid being taunted and bullied. Dragun then became “the most feminine gay person” in their high school by wearing slim pants, purses, and fake lashes.

Her friends, fortunately, accepted her for who she was. Dragun documented her facial feminization surgery in 2016 in order to soften her looks. Before the procedure, she had a completely different appearance. Her brow bone and jawline were shaved, her hairline was decreased, and her nose was reshaped. Dragun then made another YouTube video regarding her breast augmentation experience.

Nikita Dragun Opens Up About Her Addiction to Plastic Surgery

Dragun shared a video titled “Have I Gotten THE Surgery” in 2018 in which she discussed her transition and hormone treatment.

Dragun revealed right away that she had a plastic surgery addiction. She added that she had been quite strategic throughout the shift and had conducted extensive study.

She said that the procedure was always the same, with hormone therapy being the first step. She did admit, however, that the procedure was lengthy because she went from feeling, thinking, and acting like a guy to a woman with breast tissue growth.

Dragun revealed that as her face changed, she became increasingly self-conscious of her appearance, prompting her to seek out further cosmetic treatments.

When I was finished, I instantly began thinking about the next item, such as my breast, and then another thing. And I’ve been going through this shift for the past three years. Dragun went on to say that when she ran out of things to correct, she felt compelled to find something else to mend since she felt under a lot of pressure to be confident. She revealed that as a result of this, she developed a severe difficulty that she had to address.

But that is now in the past. Nowadays, the beauty influencer exudes confidence and motivates others.

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