Here is the David Dobrik’s Girlfriend List

David Dobrik, the Slovakian Prince who rules the YouTube world, was born on July 23, 1996, in Koice, Slovakia. Since his Vine days, he has grown in popularity, and in late 2014, he entered the world of YouTube. David’s popularity has soared every day since then. David’s YouTube channel features unfiltered vlogs, which may explain why so many people are drawn to his videos.

Aside from being a YouTube sensation, David is a kind and humble individual who goes above and beyond for his Vlog Squad. So, how does charming David’s love life go? Is he dating anyone? Let us learn more.

The Prince of YouTube

David Dobrik has amassed a massive following on YouTube, with around 15.5 million subscribers. He creates hilarious prank videos and collaborates with other YouTubers and celebrities. David Dobrik has become a judge on America’s Most Musical Family and has co-starred in films such as Airplane Mode, The Angry Birds Movie 2, and FML after his YouTube success.

Girlfriends of David Dobrik

David, the adorable heartthrob, has been candid about his romantic relationships. Here are a few stunning women who have been linked to the charming David.

Lorraine Nash

David’s four-minute-and-twenty-second video blew up the trending lists, as it shook all of his fans. David, the sultry heartthrob, married Lorraine Nash, the mother of his best friend Jason Nash. After receiving a sarcastic satire from Jason, David started it as a joke.

When David Dobrik said that his children liked his ex-boyfriend, wife’s Jason retorted that David would never have an ex-wife because no one would marry him.

Following such satire, David flew to Jason’s mother’s house and proposed to her on the spot, and both David and Lorraine burst out laughing.

However, after only a month of marriage, the couple divorced in June 2019. David confirmed the breakup in a tweet.We can see that David was a success as the stepfather of one of his best friends and the husband of a lovely woman.

Liza Koshy

The YouTube‘ couple was David Dobrik and Liza Koshy. The chemistry that the Vlog Squad had with each other was adored by all of their fans. With Liza being the more amusing of the two, David added even more of his jokes, and the harmony continued to improve.

The couple did, however, break up in 2018, and fans only learned about it after David posted a video titled “we broke up.” It went viral on the internet, and fans expressed their disappointment.

Even after their breakup, David and Liza appear in each other’s YouTube videos and seem to be best friends.

Natalie Mariduena

Natalie Mariduena, also known as Natalina Noel, is David Dobrik’s childhood best friend and assistant. It’s no surprise that Natalie is always present in David’s vlogs and explores the world with him, leading fans to believe that there is something between David and Natalie.

However, despite David’s denial of all relationship rumors and confirmation that they are simply friends, fans continue to believe that something is developing between them. In addition, David was linked to Olivia Jade. According to reports, the two were seen hanging out with other Vlog Squad members. However, later on, the situation was clarified when it was revealed that the girl’s name was Madison Beer, not Olivia.

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