Here is About Multitalented Wengie’s Husband Max | Also Know About Their Favorite Pet Cats

Wenjie Huang, better known by her stage name Wengie, is a Chinese-Australian YouTube sensation known for her music, beauty, and lifestyle videos. Under her name, she has three YouTube channels. Her three channels have a combined total of over 16 million subscribers.

Wenjie is currently engaged to Maxmello, or simply Max, in her personal life. The couple first met in 2000 at their high school’s Year 10 Ball.

They didn’t have anything going until they met again in 2010. Max proposed to her in 2015, and their friendship quickly turned into love. So, let’s learn more about YouTube sensation Wengie’s fiancee.


Max is a YouTuber, just like his fiancee Wengie. He currently runs the ReactiCorns YouTube channel. On June 19, 2016, he became a member of the YouTube community.

Max’s channel has over 2.25 million subscribers, making him a YouTube sensation. Maxmello’s net worth is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars, based on his YouTube channel’s more than 5.14 million views.

Max also earns between $1.7K and $26.6K per month, and $19.9K to $318.7K per year, according to SocialBlade. Max’s channel, on the other hand, focuses primarily on reaction videos.

On his YouTube channel, he has nearly a thousand videos. Max’s fiancee joins him in his reaction videos on occasion, and the two look adorable together.

Wengie Loves Cats

Wengie’s soon-to-be husband is a cat person, which comes as no surprise since she adores cats herself. Her beloved Boomba has even been featured on her YouTube channel a few times.

Wengie’s fiancee, on the other hand, has two cats named Mia and Mello. Max adores his two cats and enjoys feeding and petting them. It’s no surprise that Wengie is dating him. There are so many things that the two have in common.

Max’s Instagram is also full of pictures of his cat, so we can safely assume he is a cat person. Apart from that, let’s learn more about Max’s relationship with his partner.

What Is The Status Of Max And Wengie’s Relationship?

To put it another way, Max and Wengie are one of the most popular YouTube couples. They’ve been together for a long time and have seen each other through many ups and downs.

It’s no surprise that they have such a powerful connection. The couple simply enjoys being in each other’s company. Only by watching their videos together can we tell they have a strong bond.

Wengie first announced her engagement on August 23, 2015, with a photo of herself and her fiancee. Her fans were ecstatic for the couple, and now that they’ve been engaged for nearly five years, the next big step in their relationship appears to be marriage.

The couple, on the other hand, is unsure when they will exchange vows. Wengie claims that they are quite busy with their lives and that whatever they have planned is ideal for them.

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