Here Are Some Facts You Must Know About Brittney Griner And Cherelle Watson!

On August 8, the US women’s basketball team won the gold medal game in the Tokyo Olympic Games, defeating Japan 90-75. This marks Team USA’s sixth gold medal in a row, extending their Olympic winning streak to 55 games.

Brittney Griner of the Phoenix Mercury led the way with 30 points. Many people flocked to Twitter to congratulate the US squad and applaud the basketball player’s performance.

Griner’s outstanding performance piqued the interest of many fans who wanted to learn more about her life outside of basketball. Here’s what we know so far.

Cherelle Watson is Griner’s wife.

Griner is currently married to Cherelle Watson, who, according to her Instagram, has adopted Griner’s surname. Watson is a professional blogger with over 30,000 followers on Twitter. Her bio states that she is a current law student and a Baylor University graduate.

In 2014, she earned a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Political Science and Government, according to her LinkedIn page. Family and Child Studies was her minor. The couple frequently posts photos of themselves together and appears to be quite happy.

At Baylor University, Griner met Watson.

Griner met Watson at Baylor University, where they were both students. In an old Instagram post commemorating their first meeting, the NBA player remembered how she was immediately swept away by Watson’s beauty. The two began dating and eventually split, but resumed their affair after Griner’s 28-day marriage to fellow basketballer Glory Johnson ended in 2015.

Griner’s Difficult Divorce

Griner had a very public and bitter divorce with Johnson before falling in love with Watson. Their breakup was announced just one day after they announced they were expecting a child.

Domestic abuse claims surfaced against Griner in the days leading up to their wedding, and she and Johnson were both arrested after an altercation at their home. The gold medalist apologized to making a blunder, but her ex-wife did not.

The WNBA athlete became enraged as a result, and after their wedding, she filed for divorce. Johnson allegedly cheated on her and refused to participate in the pregnancy, but the judge had other ideas. After their divorce, she was compelled to pay child support for the two IVF twins Johnson gave birth to.

Brittney Griner has re-engaged.

Griner proposed to Watson three years after her divorce from Johnson. She used social media to share the good news and to show off Watson’s stunning diamond ring.

The athlete gushed about Watson’s unwavering support throughout her career. Watson expressed her joy on social media, adding that having Griner in her life was a godsend.

Brittney Griner and Watson Discuss Having Children

On July 17, the couple celebrated their anniversary by writing a loving homage to each other on social media. Griner thanked Watson in her article for challenging her to be a better person and for guiding her through her bad times.

Meanwhile, Watson took a lighter tone, joking that it would just be the two of them until they had children. Despite the fact that she said little about their ambitions to start a family, it appears they have given it considerable thought.

The happy couple appears to be in love, and it appears that Griner’s second time around is a charm.

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