Helen Stanley Confirms That She is Dating and Comments on If She Is Married

Helen Stanley has been linked to her co-star Anthony Partridge since her appearances on the show. And it wasn’t for unreasonable reasons. Her relationship with her TV partner appeared to be more than simply professional, as they vacationed together and became involved in each other’s families.

Relationship Status

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Through an introduction and a series of responses to questions about her relationship with her show partner, Anthony Partridge, Helen Stanley confirmed her relationship with him.

Let’s start with her blog, which is hosted on a self-titled website called Helenstanleyofficial. She revealed Partridge as her co-conspirator in a blog post titled The Podcast is Here! She also teased him about his driving skills by calling him her “co-hoon from Goblin Works Garage.”

If her statement in which she referred to Partridge as her “partner-in-crime” wasn’t enough to establish that he was her lover, her subsequent relationship-affirming responses were.

Helen Stanley and Anthony Partridge
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She shared a photo with Partridge on Instagram in May 2020. She described him as “a superb bike designer, constructor, and racer” in the caption. The post’s comment area was filled with beautiful messages from followers who adored the two. The following are some of the comments: “”You’re a pair,” “You’re a couple,” “You’re a couple,” “You’re a couple,” “You’re a couple “You two form a gorgeous couple!” and “That’s fantastic!””

The racer did not respond to the prior comments, but she did respond to some of the others.

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Tim Heroux, one of the fans, wrote: “You two are a fantastic match and make a fantastic couple! I’m thrilled to be following you two! “.. Stanley thanked him for following them after he liked the comment. Similarly, when another fan called Olly Von B remarked, “love is in the air,” she gave a thumbs up.

A compliment from a fan named Pedroitsavan was also appreciated by the classic car customizer. She not only liked the comment, but she also thanked him for it, reaffirming their bond. Stanley’s nice gesture of thanking her followers for complementing her connection with Partridge verified the couple’s dating status, according to the statement.

Says She is Married To Cars

Stanley and her boyfriend, Anthony Partridge, are one of the most popular couples on the show. They’re packaged in a way that makes their followers wish they’d marry. For example, a fan named Olly Van B urged they become husband and wife from dating partners in Stanley’s Instagram post. “Think these two petrolheads should be married,” he wrote.

Stanley, on the other hand, expressed her feelings about marriage by stating that she was already married to her automobiles. A satirical approach, but the response underlined that the racer has put her career over getting married for the time being.

That isn’t to say her connection with Patridge isn’t strong. Their friends referred to them as “a favorite power couple” in the same post. Stanley and her partner both expressed their deep gratitude for the compliment. Stanley, in a nutshell, is enjoying her friendship with Partridge. Despite this, marriage appears to be a topic she doesn’t want to discuss right now due to her emphasis on her profession.

Her Boyfriend Has a 21-year-old Daughter

Anthony Partridge, Stanley’s partner, is already a parent. He has a 21-year-old daughter named Maddi Long, although it’s unclear if he was previously married.

Partridge is a motorbike and automobile builder that works as a presenter for Goblin Works Garage.

He has been on the show since 2018, and he was born in the United Kingdom and raised in Canada. His daughter, on the other hand, travels about and lives in a van.

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