Have Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson Broken Up? Here’s What We Know So Far!

Jesse Rutherford

Without a doubt, Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson are a power couple. The couple has been dating since 2015, and they frequently post about their relationship on social media, particularly Instagram and TikTok. They inspire a lot of people, from their fashion style to their love.

As a result, they have a lot of admirers. GQ even dubbed them the “2019’s most 2019 pair.” However, it appears that there is a snag in paradise. After dating for over six years, the couple is said to have broken up and gone their separate ways.

The Break Up of Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson

The reports of their supposed breakup began in November 2021, when fans and followers saw Carlson’s TikTok bio had changed. “Jesse’s girlfriend” was formerly listed, but now it reads “no bio yet.” Many of her admirers expressed their dissatisfaction on Carlson’s TikToks, but he did not respond to any of them. Rutherford also erased all of his Instagram postings and unfollowed everyone at the same time.

He used to have several images of his lover, but now he doesn’t have any. To make matters worse, Carlson has removed some of the singer’s images and videos from her Instagram feed. The most recent photo she has of the couple is from August 21, 2021, when Rutherford celebrated his birthday.

Since then, people have been speculating as to whether the couple has officially broken up or is maintaining a low-key relationship. Carlson’s comment area is filled with inquiries regarding her breakup with Rutherford. She released a video of herself cleaning behind her dog, Marty, in December 2021.

She was lip-syncing to a sound that went, “I’m not familiar with him, therefore I can’t comment on him. I’ve never met him, and I’m not one for making judgments on individuals I don’t know.” She also lip-synced to Selena Gomez’s ‘Same Old Love’ on New Year’s Day 2022. Carlson could have alluded to the song’s theme of a horrible breakup.

Jesse’s New Girlfriend

After a few months of reports of a breakup, none of the pair has addressed it, and their supporters are becoming concerned. Carlson’s TikTok is generally the subject of their comments. People thought that they had broken up long before October 2021 because they did not dress up for Halloween together. Many people created their own TikTok videos, declaring that they no longer believe in love.

Furthermore, there are rumors regarding Rutherford’s new girlfriend. It began after Deux Moi published an article about it. Deux Moi is an Instagram account dedicated to sharing celebrity news and sightings of unknown persons. In one such story, someone claimed to have seen the singer with an unknown woman.

They observed the two at Gutter in LES, where he was holding the girl in his arms. She resembled Carlson, according to the source, although it “seemed like a newish fling.”

These are only theories, so take them with a grain of salt. Nothing is certain until Rutherford and Carlson openly address the rumors of their breakup.

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