Have Christian Plourde And Mads Lewis Broken Up? Plourde Clears Up The Rumors!

Rumors of a breakup between TikTok stars Mads Lewis and Christian Plourde are circulating on the internet. The couple began dating in June 2021, and during an interview with E! News: The Rundown, they even teased that they would get engaged.

However, it appears that this is no longer the case. They haven’t announced their breakup, but fans have picked up on a few hints that they are no longer together. Fans first noticed Lewis and Plourde, who goes by the moniker Sevryn, were no longer following one other on Instagram.

They had also deleted any evidence of their relationship from their Instagram account. On the Instagram page of ‘The original Tiktokroom,’ new clues have appeared. The photo of Jaden Hossler and Plourde hanging together was one of the first hints.

There was also a snapshot of the two of them spending time together, this time on Hossler’s 21st birthday. However, the third and final shot convinced many that the couple had broken up.

Sevryn claimed he was organizing his new closet and bed at what appeared to be a new residence in a collage photo from his Snapchat stories. Plourde had previously shared a home with Lewis.

Christian Plourde Discusses Mads Lewis’s Breakup Rumors

While the internet speculated about Lewis and Plourde’s breakup and mocked them, the two stayed mute. That is, until February 11, 2022, when Plourde turned to Twitter and Instagram stories to express his feelings about all that has been said about him and his purported ex-girlfriend.

He emphasized on Twitter on February 11 that his tweets were mostly quotes and should be taken with a grain of salt. He also preached that instead of promoting hate, people should encourage one another.

“You can’t love someone who doesn’t love themselves,” he tweeted on February 9, likely being one of the phrases he was alluding to.

Admirers mistook it for a message to Lewis, who was chastised by her fans for his treatment of the TikToker. He posted the phrase on Instagram and clarified that it wasn’t a coded message. Plourde went on to say that he used his platform to share what he had learnt with his fans.

In the next tale, he stated that he would not be concerned about what was said about him on the internet and that he was attempting to be his best self.

Bryce Hall and Mads Lewis Become a Joke

While Plourde was confronting his detractors, Lewis was captured with Bryce Hall by the paparazzi. After their workout, a famous photographer posted images of Lewis and Hall on his Instagram account, ‘pap.galore.’

The photographer wrote in the caption that the TikTok stars were seen flirting outside the Dogpound gym. In the post, they even added “NEW COUPLE ALERT?”

Lewis quickly responded in the comments section, claiming that this was not the case and criticizing the photographer for fabricating a story simply because she declined to take a photograph.

Meanwhile, Hall uttered nothing except a “omfg” to indicate his disbelief. The caption was a prank, and Hall and Lewis were not together, the photographer later clarified.

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