Did Hallmark Star Tyler Hynes Marry His Girlfriend? Updates on His Love Life

Tyler Hynes previously admitted that his girlfriend has access to his Twitter account. Tyler Hynes, a Hallmark star, never fails to create headlines with his stunning appearance and on-screen romantic leads.

Since the Toronto, Ontario native rose to fame as the face of Hallmark movies, fans have been curious about his personal life, wondering whether Tyler Hynes is married, single, or dating.

Fans wonder if he has a wife waiting for him at home after a long day in front of the camera, despite the fact that he hasn’t spoken about it. They do know that in 2018, he was dating.

Tyler’s Girlfriend had access to his Twitter

Hynes discussed his stint with the Hallmark Channel network in an interview with Ruth from My Devotional Thoughts in 2018. He was a newcomer to the network at the time, with two films set to be released in the next month.

Ruth, who has a close personal relationship with many of the Hallmark performers and creators, gave the handsome hunk the ins and outs of the network’s fandom while also accommodating the actor’s perspective on life at Hallmark.

Ruth correctly suggested that Hynes use social media tools like Twitter and Instagram to establish a close relationship with his fans during the chat.

 Tyler Hynes Girlfriend
Source: Instagram

The Falling For You actor also admitted that he was not a big social media user, and that he wasn’t sure whether he had even logged onto his Twitter account since Saving Hope.

Hynes briefly stated that his partner had access to his Twitter account when exposing his Internet habits. The actor went on to say that his fiancée had just told him about his growing Twitter following.

While he stated that he was dating in 2018, he did not name his partner or disclose any other information about their relationship.

Is Hynes Married To His Girlfriend?

Hynes has kept a low profile when it comes to his personal life. Despite the fact that he has been more active on social media, peeks into his personal life are still rare. He solely promotes his films and television series.

The actor took down an Instagram photo of his then-girlfriend and his dog that he had posted in 2017. Racquel Natasha is said to be her name.

His Sweet Friendship with Co-Star Erin Krakow

Hynes has kept his personal life private, but he is outspoken about his professional exploits. In fact, he is open about his emotions for Erin Krakow, his co-star.

In Hallmark’s triangle love story It Was Always You, the two played love interests. He was cast as David, and Krakow was cast as Elizabeth, a career-oriented woman.

tyler hynes Erin Krakow
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Both performers aren’t hesitant about complementing each other, whether it’s on social media or in interviews.

For example, Krakow stated to ET Online on February 24, 2021 that she was so pleased to work with Hynes that she actually asked him to join the cast of the film.

In response to her devotion, Hynes expressed his gratitude for her approach. He also described the star of When Calls the Heart as a gifted actor and a remarkable human being.

The actor went on to say, “Erin is an amazing human being and a very, very brilliant performer.”

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