Grayson Dolan Dating Tyson Has Apparently Upset His Fans!

Grayson Dolan, one of the Dolan Twins, is an American YouTube sensation. The twins, who have been public personalities since they were teenagers, have amassed over 10.7 million YouTube subscribers and millions more on TikTok and Instagram.

Because of the early prominence they gained, their fans have become an important part of their lives, which is why many of Grayson Dolan fans were angry with him over his supposed relationship with a social media influencer named Tyson.

Grayson’s rumored new girlfriend has enraged his supporters

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When a report about Grayson dating a social media influencer surfaced near the end of 2020, he received a lot of unwanted attention. After a photo of him walking with a girl became viral, his admirers took to Twitter to express their displeasure.

As the rumors spread, his supporters were quick to figure out who the lady was: an Instagram influencer, model, and singer named Tyson. However, unlike his past relationships, this one did not receive much support from his followers, especially once it was revealed that Tyson was engaged to Austin William Simkins, a photographer and director residing in Los Angeles.

Simkins and Tyson had been dating for nearly three years, according to reports, and the photographer was even acquainted with Grayson. The model was accused of cheating on her fiance with Grayson, according to rumors. Things became even more complicated when news broke about Tyson’s previous relationship with Grayson’s twin, Ethan.

Grayson and Tyson remained silent on the subject. Simkins, on the other hand, responded to a question on Instagram from Tea Page, corroborating some of the claims.

Previously, Grayson was linked to Elizabeth Seward

Grayson, like his brother Ethan, has kept his love life quiet for a long time, hence the most of the women Grayson has been romantically linked with are just rumor fodder for his admirers. Grayson has been associated to James Charles, Madison Beer, Sofia Olivera, Chloe Alison, and Olivia O’Brien in the past.

Grayson was previously linked to model Elizabeth Seward before becoming romantically involved with Tyson. When they were both in Paris at the same time, fans speculated that they might be dating. The event took place during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, so it wasn’t out of the question that the two might be there at the same time.

Fans pointed to the couple’s Instagram stories and posts, but there was no clear evidence. Grayson and Seward stayed silent on the subject as well, so it was never established whether the rumors that the two were dating were true.

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