Everyone Got Emotional With the Golden Buzzer Act ‘Nightbirde’ in America’s Got Talent!

The highlight of the August 11 episode of America’s Got Talent Season 16 was Nightbirde’s appearance. After opting out of the live results show owing to health difficulties, the singer-songwriter, whose real name is Jane Marczewski, virtually returned to the performance on Wednesday night.

Nightbirde earlier stated that her physicians had given her a bleak prognosis. She has also been diagnosed with cancer three times. As a result, her recent performance on AGT, with a newly shaved head and her signature beatific smile, moved the hosts and judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofa Vergara, and Simon Cowell to tears.

Cowell praised Marczewski’s courage and resolved to put her health first that night, admitting he and Marczewski had spoken informally “a few times” after her audition. Mandel’s sweet statement followed Cowell’s warm words, in which he told the budding singer, “Right now, the entire world is experiencing difficulty, and you are the poster-human for adversity, strength, composure, beauty, and battle. That is exactly what we must all do.”

Hearing the judges’ encouraging words, the 30-year-old sobbed as she conveyed her gratitude to them and the show.

Nightbirde: The Golden Buzzer Audition

The singfer from Zanesville, Ohio, performed her own song, “It’s OK” for her audition on America’s Got Talent’s 16th season. Her performance was so moving that Cowell gave her a golden buzzer.

Nightbirde was automatically promoted to this year’s AGT live shows by the golden buzzer, but she did not continue her journey owing to her health issues.

Source: ABS-CBN News

Her original was also released on online music platforms and YouTube, where it quickly rose to No. 1 on iTunes and No. 2 on YouTube’s trending list. The video for the song has over 900,000 likes and over 31 million views on YouTube.

How is health now?

Nightbirde spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on August 4, 2021, providing updates on her health. She disclosed that she received unexpected news of cancer regrowth in her lungs and liver less than a week before the interview. Her liver is now mostly cancerous as a result of this.

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Despite this, she expressed optimism by stating that she was making plans for her future and that she would not stop anytime soon. She also stated that leaving a legacy was not important to her.

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