Glennon Doyle’s Daughter Tish Melton: Things You Didn’t Know

Tish Melton is a young singer who is better known as Glennon Doyle’s daughter. Glennon Doyle is an author and activist best known for her #1 New York Times bestsellers Untamed, Love Warrior, and Carry On, Warrior.

Glennon had Tish with her ex-husband, Craig Melton, a former soccer player with whom Tish Melton had a 14-year marriage.

Although Doyle is the frontwoman whenever the media focuses on her family, a few other people have managed to steal her thunder on a few instances. And Tish is one such name; take a look back at some of those times in the piece below.

Tish Melton’s Family Tree

Tish Melton was born in February 2006. Doyle and her ex-husband named their daughter after Doyle’s mother.

Her father, Craig Melton, a Prevail sales organization employee and former soccer player is Hispanic, and she is currently 16 years old. On July 4, 2001, Tish’s father met her mother, Glennon, a native of Burke, Virginia, at an all-day bar crawl in Washington, DC.

Craig Melton is the ex-wife of writer Glennon Doyle and a Prevail Sales enterprise employee.

They slept together the first night they met and began “constantly drinking and drugging.” Glennon soon became pregnant, but she decided to terminate the pregnancy.

Tish’s mother found she was pregnant again a few months later. She decided to have it this time, following which she married Craig.

Tish Melton is the mother of Tish Melton and the author of the books Untamed and Love Warrior.

Following their marriage, they had three children, including Tish. Following Doyle’s coming out, Melton and the Untamed writer would divorce in mid-2016.

Glennon then began dating Abby Wambach, a celebrity soccer champ, Olympian, activist, and author, in February 2016. They married in May of this year.

Tish Melton has two brothers and sisters.

As previously stated, Tish has an older brother, Chase, and a younger sister, Amma.

Tish Melton, right, with her siblings Amma and Chase.

Doyle and her ex-husband welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Chase, shortly after their marriage. They eventually settled in Fairfax, Virginia. Tish was born after Chase, Glennon, and Melton.

And two years after her birth, Tish’s parents Craig and Doyle had another daughter, Amma, who they named after the latter’s sister, Amanda.

Taylor Swift Motivated Her To Perform And Write Music

Tish, Glennon and Craig’s daughter, is a startlingly brilliant adolescent singer, and she, as well as her entire family, attributes her musical ability to multiple-time Grammy-winning artist Taylor Swift.

In December 2020, her author mother posted on Instagram on how Swift encouraged her daughter Tish to learn to play and make music. Wambach and Doyle both told the story of how Taylor inspired their daughter Tish to enjoy music.

On December 16, 2020, the 45-year-old novelist chronicled the entire incident in an Instagram post. Glennon told her followers that she “always knew Tish was an artist”—even if her teen daughter didn’t always realize it.

In her post, she also described how Tish used to discreetly listen to Taylor Swift’s music every night before going to bed. Doyle stated that she soon noticed Tish beginning to sing as well.

Craig and Glennon eventually began playing with Abby’s guitar. Tish was also attempting to find Taylor in that instrument with chords, according to the Burke-born novelist.

The adolescent reportedly continued to practice every day, sitting on the edge of her bed, music sheets spread out in front of her, hair pulled back from her face, and guitar on her lap. All while pretending to be Taylor. She soon began taking guitar lessons, usually with a Taylor song in her palm.

Not long after, she wrote her song, which she was taken aback by after hearing her writer-mother describe how “wonderful” it was. Glennon expressed her gratitude for the Trouble singer at the end of her December 2020 article.

“Taylor Swift: Your work inspired my kid to create her own. And now we get to see her up close and personal. Every time. And for that, I shall be eternally thankful. @taylorswift,”

captioned the author of Love Warrior.

Tish Melton couldn’t believe it when Taylor complimented her and wished her luck.

Things got interesting when Doyle’s current partner posted on Instagram, attempting to contact the Style singer and citing Tish’s love for her. And the thankyou-s quickly became headlines when Taylor directly responded to Abby and Glennon regarding Tish’s musical endeavors.

Abby had first written, using her own Instagram handle,

“I have to extend a special happy bday to the creator of our family soundtracks of 2020 @taylorswift13. Tish, our daughter, requested me to wish you a happy birthday today. You have brought out the artist in her, and there is no greater gift you could give our family. Thank you very much!”

The eight-time Billboard Hot 100 number-one hitmaker responded,

“I GRINNED when I saw this!! Please say hello to Tish and thank you for remembering my birthday!! You, my buddy, are a champion in every aspect. And Glennon’s work has been a big assistance to me this year; she is a true luminary.”

It’s worth noting that when the United States Women’s National Team won the World Cup in 2015, the Pennsylvania-born musician invited Abby and her soccer teammates to join her onstage for the 1989 Tour.

Tish read the letter for the first time on Glennon’s video, which shows how speechless her daughter was when she saw it. Tish is also seen singing Taylor Swift songs in the video.

Tish Melton started a petition about body positivity when she was ten years old.

Tish first drew media notice and became a household name when she was just ten years old.

Craig and Glennon’s second kid signed a petition in May 2016 encouraging magazine editors to highlight women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. This she did after an open chat with her mother about the demands society places on women to be beautiful.

Tish Melton, Glennon Doyle’s daughter, wrote the petition.

Tish’s petition was first posted on Glennon Doyle’s Momastery, an online community she started before becoming famous for her writing. Tish had written under the subject Help Save Humanity,

‘Dear World, this is a petition to demonstrate that I, Tish Melton, strongly believe that magazines should not portray beauty as the most essential factor on the outside.’

Glennon later blogged about how her daughter came up with the idea for the petition. She added that her daughter was inspired to write it after questioning her mother why she was different from the other girls who were ‘all slim.’

Glennon revealed her issue with bulimia and addiction, which she began to notice when she was 10 years old when discussing the conversation she and her daughter had. Doyle noted that it was only after speaking with her ex-husband, Craig, that she was able to spend hours discussing the body image issue with her daughter.

They also discussed the signals society delivers to females about keeping little and quiet to keep them from becoming leaders.

What happened after that?

Tish and her mother would leave a bookshop the next day after their body image discussion. The two came to a halt in front of a magazine rack, where they noticed the covers of seven different publications.

Tish noticed that all of the covers depicted ‘blonde’ or ’emaciated’ ladies. Shortly after, Doyle and her daughter had another open talk during which Glennon went on to question Tish if she thought women’s bodies are for selling things, and her small girl swiftly responded ‘no’.

The Carry On Warrior author also assured her daughter that the publications were all lies and that she was well. Tish returned home an hour later with her handwritten petition, which their entire family signed.

Glennon immediately published the petition on social media, where thousands of others shared the small girl’s message.

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