Gina Carano is finally dating after being single for almost a year. Read about her career and dating history here!

Gina Carano, 38, has found the love of her life in Kevin Ross, an American Muay Thai kickboxer and aspiring mixed martial artist, and the two are still going strong despite the butterflies and sparkle.

Gina Carano and Kevin Ross’ Relationship

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They made their relationship public when Kevin announced their relationship on Instagram. Gina Carano revealed the relationship, saying that after six months of silence, he felt comfortable sharing the news.

“I’ve been debating on whether or not to post this is as I hardly ever, ok never, post anything about my personal life but I just can’t keep it contained anymore,”

Ross then wrote:

“We’ve kept things under wraps as to not want to invite the entire world into our relationship, although I think it’s been pretty evident that we are back together. So happy 6 month anniversary to my beautiful angel @ginajcarano For those of you that don’t know we dated for 4 years, were broken up for a decade then got back together on the 14th anniversary of the day we met. Awww I know, heartwarming isn’t it Gina is not only the reason I’m even doing what I am but literally the reason that I’m even alive and walking around still. You are my inspiration, my best friend, my everything!!! OK, enough mushy stuff, you may now return to your regularly scheduled programming of face punching and blood #claimed.”

This was his adorable, stunning, heartwarming, whatever word you want to use to describe this adorable announcement with a photo of them kissing announcement. Is there anything cuter than this?

Gina Carano and Kevin Ross
Source: TMZ

How did the love story begin?

Ross revealed on Instagram that he and Carano dated many years ago. He introduced her to kickboxing, which she used to get her start before entering MMA. Carano had a 12-2-1 kickboxing record before starting a promising MMA career in which she went 7-1.

Kevin finally got Gina into kickboxing after all these years, and after spending some time together, they began dating. Since 2009, Carano has not fought.

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Instead, she has carved out a promising career in the film industry, which led to her dating Man of Steel star Henry Cavill before her relationship with Kevin Ross.

Gina Carano and Henry Cavill’s Relationship

Gina was dating Henry Cavill in September 2012, shortly after he ended his engagement to showjumper Ellen Whitaker, before becoming Kevin’s sweetheart.

Their partnership seemed to be very sweet because it was full of laughter and they seemed to be having a lot of fun together. They abruptly separated in 2013, then seemed to reunite in 2014.

gina carano and henry cavill
source: Nicki Swift

Over the next few years, both Gina and Henry were very busy with their careers, and news spread that the pair had broken up again. No one knew why this cute couple broke up.

Nonetheless, she fell in love with Kickboxing star Kevin Ross, and the two have been together for almost two years. We hope that as the year progresses, they become even stronger and ultimately lead to marriage.

Gina Carano: A Short Bio

Gina Carano is an actress, fitness model, and former mixed martial artist from the United States. Beautiful and Bold Gina Carano is an actress, television personality, and fitness model from the United States. She has also competed in mixed martial arts.

She is also well-known for the martial arts skills she demonstrated in Muay Thai and women’s MMA. She’s also known for her roles in films such as ‘Fast and Furious 6’ and ‘Deadpool.’

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