GG Allin’s Funeral Demonstrated How The Punk Rockstar Lived His Life!

GG Allin‘s life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. People both adored and despised the man.

GG Allin has done it all, from tossing his feces at the audience to drug ingestion, and all while on stage.

Even in death, the rockstar had an unusual — and for some, terrifying — open cascade funeral with an unclean body and people having a party.

GG Allin- Final Performance

Although it has been more than 25 years since the punk legend died, no one can forget his final performance.
On June 27, 1993, Allin played his final gig at The Gas Station, a modest New York bar. A power outage during his second song prompted him to take an unexpected measure. He began vandalizing the club, even encouraging the audience to do likewise.

It didn’t stop there, though. He strolled naked across Manhattan Street with a huge gathering of audience members after exiting the club. The punk artist thereafter removed his shorts but continued to perform a street show covered in his own blood and feces.

Allin and his friends went to an apartment where they partied and drank a lot of beer and narcotics, particularly heroin. Unfortunately, the singer overdosed on heroin and spent the entire night unconscious.

On June 28, 1993, he died in the early morning hours. Allin had already stopped breathing, but his buddies were still ignorant. When someone saw he was unconscious later, they summoned an ambulance. Sadly, it was too late, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Funerals that are one-of-a-kind

The late rockstar’s open-casket funeral was held at St. Rose Cemetery on July 3, 1993, and was attended by his friends and acquaintances.

The five-day-old body of Allin was clad in his signature black leather jacket and jockstrap. The 36-year-brother old’s was given explicit instructions not to wash his face or body, which were coated in his own blood and feces from his previous stage performance.

There’s more if you think that’s strange. On the punk rocker’s ears, Allin’s brother slipped on a pair of headphones connected to a portable cassette player. Then he was buried with a bottle of Jim Beam by his buddies.

His pals started an impromptu celebration despite the stench of the rotting and bloated corpse and the horrible setting. Furthermore, somebody photographed his lifeless body while stuffing narcotics and booze into his mouth. Rather of being saddened by his passing, his friends embraced the hardcore punk singer’s legacy.

By engaging in deception, his fans were able to carry on his legacy

In punk music, Allin was a one-of-a-kind showman. Throughout his life, he was a wacky character, and some of his stage antics were out of this world. He even stated that he would commit himself at one of his live performances since he believed in an afterlife, which was one of the reasons he drew such large crowds in the first place.

As a mark of respect for the late musician, admirers would pee, defecate, and pour drinks all over his grave for years following his death. This was their way of paying homage to his memory, or should we say tit-for-tat?

Nonetheless, this callous deed was too much for his mother to bear, and his tombstone was removed in the hopes of deterring future inhumane treatment of the departed soul.

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