Gangsta Boo (Rapper) Songs, Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband, And Family

Gangsta Boo was the South’s counterpart to Lil Kim and Foxy Brown on the East Coast.

Boo, then 16, stormed the mainstream music scene in 1995 when she joined the famed Memphis rap collective “Three 6 Mafia.” She was the group’s first and, more crucially, its sole female member.

After several chart-topping singles and albums, the Memphis-born rapper quit Three 6 Mafia in 2000 because of financial disagreements. Following that, her solo career trajectory elevated her to legendary status.

Songs & Albums – Net Worth 2022/2023

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Gangsta Boo released her debut album Enquiring Minds in 1998. After three years as a solo artist, she released her sophomore album Both Worlds *69. Both projects reached the Billboard 200 and yielded multiple regional chart-topping singles.

Enquiring Minds II: The Soap Opera, her 2003 album released on Yorktown Records, peaked at #4 on the Independent Albums Chart.

The Sippin On Some Syrup artist then went on an 11-year musical break, only releasing tracks on a sporadic basis. Additionally, the break occurred during her spiritual change. She even changed her stage name to Lady Boo before reverting to her previous moniker.
Witch, a collaborative effort with fellow musician/friend La Chat, marked Boo’s return in 2014. That same year, she collaborated with producer Beat King on a project. In 2018, for Underground Cassette Tape Music Vol. 2, the producer/rapper duo reunited.

Among the new tracks featuring Boo, none is more direct than “Love Again,” the blockbuster hit single from RTJ’s self-titled sophomore album.

Despite her greatest efforts, she is not the Three 6 Mafia’s wealthiest affiliate. Her six-figure riches appear insignificant when compared to fellow member Juicy J’s $30 million fortune.

Biographical Information – Age, Family, and Height

Lola Mitchell was born Gangsta Boo on the 7th of August 1979. She was born into a musical household. Both of her biological parents were musically inclined and avid record collectors.

As a child, the “Where Dem Dollas At!” singer wrote and performed rhymes to her father. The two were inextricably linked. No wonder she was unable to endure the news of her father’s death in 2017.

Boo – at 39 years old – easily exceeds the five feet and five inches (1.65 m) threshold in terms of height.

Are You Married To Your Husband Or Are You Dating A Boyfriend?

Gangsta Boo is one of the few musicians who are as active on social media as he is. Additionally, her tweets and postings provide insight into her romantic life.

Boo frequently makes references to her boyfriends and ex-boyfriends on Twitter. Additionally, she occasionally posts small hints on the social media giant about who her future husband might be.

Occasionally, the Slob On My Knob rapper tweets about his disinclination to settle down and marry. In multiple instances, she expresses a wish to date boys who are not of her race.

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