Is Gabriel Bateman Related to Jason Bateman? Learn More About His Bio, Age, Family, Career, and more!

Gabriel Bateman is a teen actor who has starred in horror films such as Annabelle, Lights Out, Child’s Play, and Unhinged. In addition to Stalker, American Gothic, and Benji, he has enchanted small screens.

He’ll be seen in forthcoming films such as The Fabelmans, Just Beyond, and Cipher. With so many great projects and more on the horizon for the kids, the excitement and interest in him is growing. As a result, we’ve put some of them to rest here.

Is Gabriel Bateman’s father Jason Bateman’s brother?

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Jason Bateman is a well-known actor who has appeared in shows such as Arrested Development and Ozark. Even though their last names are same, the two are not related in any way.

Early Life

On September 10, 2004, Bateman was born into a family of artists. The family is also quite large, with the 16-year-old actor being the youngest of eight siblings. His sisters used to dress him up as a female when he was a baby because they wanted for another sibling.

Gabriel Bateman
Source: IMDb

Siblings of Gabriel Bateman

Each of the Bateman siblings is involved in the performing arts in some way. The band, which consists of three sisters and five brothers, has largely worked locally, with some of them breaking into Hollywood.

Justin, the eldest brother, was featured in the docu-series I (Almost) Got Away With It. Judah, the youngest brother, was born in 1999 and is best known for his appearance as a child in George Biddle, CPA.

Then there’s Noah, who debuted in George Biddle, CPA in 2000 and has since gone on to star in Maker Shack Agency, Pals, The Convergence, and My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To. Aleq Bateman is Bateman’s other brother, but little is known about him as an actor. He is, nonetheless, a well-known photographer.

Hannah Rochelle, his eldest sister, was born in 1993 and also worked for George Biddle, CPA. Leah, the middle sister, was born in 1995 and has appeared in a number of television shows.

She’s also a producer on the upcoming film This Is Not An Intervention. Three years Bateman’s senior, Talitha Eliana, has a more impressive résumé, with hits like The 5th Wave, Love, Simon, Geostorm, and Annabelle: Creations.

Talitha and Bateman are the torchbearers, while the older siblings have mostly moved on to other pursuits. They’re establishing a name for themselves in Hollywood.

Gabriel Bateman: Parents, Siblings, Family

Tim is Bateman’s father, while Jonelle is his mother. While Tim maintains a low-key lifestyle, Jonelle maintains a quiet Instagram account where she primarily shares photos of her children. She has said that all of her children are quite talented and have performed on their own at a young age. But, as is so common in a close-knit family, the acting virus spread from one sibling to the next.

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