American Rapper Future Accused by Baby Mama Brittni Mealy for Children Cruelty! Find out about the allegations here!

Hip-hop artists are notorious for their baby mama controversy. Relationship troubles between a rapper and the mothers of his children, often including more than one baby mama, are the most common cause. Future is in such controversy right now.

Couples who conceived during happy times are more likely to go down a negative road, and their dirty linen is frequently exposed for all to see. Future, the singer of “Life is Good,” is one such rapper who is currently embroiled in a scandal.

This isn’t the first time Future has gotten caught up in a scandal involving one or more of his children’s mothers. His latest issue, though, involves his ex-girlfriend Brittni Mealy. Mealy recently uploaded screenshots of an alleged discussion between the rapper and their kid, Prince Wilburn, on social media, which sparked controversy.

Future’s Previous Allegations

This isn’t the first time the rapper and his ex-girlfriend have been in the spotlight. Things went south during their son’s birthday party in December 2020 when the two got into an altercation. Wilburn’s 8th birthday had been planned by Mealy as a large and expensive superhero-themed bash. On her Instagram account, the pleased mother posted photos and video from the festivities. Unfortunately, Future was absent from all of them, most likely due to his rumored antics.

Future Girlfriend
Source: Yahoo

Mealy was heard yelling outside in a dimly lit place in one of her stories, and though she removed it, it was promptly picked up by The Shade Room. Future turned up at the party, cursed his son, and threatened to shoot Mealy, she explained. Mealy went on to state that after that night, Future was dead to her.

Future Accused Again

Mealy, who has clearly had enough of Future, did not bother to censor her ex’s phone number when she posted a message that the rapper had sent their son to her Instagram story. Wilburn appears to have started the communication by sending a crying emoji to his father, who then replied, “Tell your mom.” Wilburn then spoke to his father, asking what he should say to his mother, to which Future replied that he needed to ask her to get him some clothes.

Wilburn then responded, “Dad,” to which the rapper appeared to remark, “Your mom is a h**!

Future and Brittni Mealy
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Some fans, however, were sure that the letter was not given by the artist. She wrote a lengthy story attacking Future and his family for alleged “Child Abuse,” despite having already erased the screenshot of the name-calling.

Despite the fact that they were in the same state, Mealy threatened Future with recordings and accused him of not visiting their child. She also implied that Future was yelling because she only wanted to be co-parents with him, but he wanted more.

Mealy appears to have chastised Future’s mother in a subsequent article post about how she flipped her tale around when addressing concerns publicly.

The apple did not fall far from the tree, according to Mealy’s conclusion. Future posted a blue cap emoji that meant “pray for her” on The Shade Room’s Instagram, where photos of the tale were shared. That’s all he’s said about the allegations so far.

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