FTN Bae Claims Her Little Child Was Lying about Doodie Lo’s Sexual Assault!

When Doodie Lo was accused of sexually assaulting his fiancée FTN Bae’s 5-year-old son, his career and brand suffered a major damage.

Not to mention that his family and children have been subjected to a great deal of public shaming and trauma as a result of that one occurrence.

However, it has just come to everyone’s attention that the sexual assault charges leveled against the artist were bogus. Bae’s 5-year-old was lying, according to FTN.

FTN Bae Acknowledged Her Son Lie

FTN Bae just went live on Instagram to express her sincere regret for all that has happened as a result of her son’s behavior. Understandably, the singer was simply acting in her own best interests. It was, after all, about her son being abused.

She stated specifically in the apologetic video that she had no idea why her kid said what he said or why he said it. She recently discovered that he was lying.

Doodie Lo Underwent a Lie Detector Exam

That wasn’t the end of it. To even contemplate believing her boyfriend’s word above her children’s, the ‘Never be Friends’ singer requested that he undergo a lie detector test.

Doodie Lo, on the other hand, acquitted herself admirably. Her child also confessed after that.

The child apparently couldn’t explain why he was peeing in his clothes, so he made up a narrative about being assaulted. Clearly, the youngster had no idea how serious his charges were or how much they may harm others.

FTN Bae has apologized for his actions. FTN Bae apologized formally to Doodie Lo and his family for putting them through so much. She claimed that she was never interested in his career or clout. She also admitted that what happened to Doodie Lo was unjust, and she apologized “truly, really, genuinely” for everything.

I’m going to be honest and apologize to him, his family, and his children… It’s a lot, but that’s all there is to it. [sic]
FTN Bae was forgiven by Doodie Lo. Following FTN Bae’s official apologies, the rapper went on an Instagram live session of his own to express his gratitude.

Not only that, but he admitted that, at the end of the day, he couldn’t help but forgive her for her actions. Despite the fact that his children, family, and team had been through a lot during this period, he was focused on establishing his innocence.

I just wanted to portray my innocence all the time,” he explained.

He also addressed the fact that many of his supporters were criticizing FTN Bae’s behavior. On a personal level, though, he never considered himself as someone capable of such feats.

“My blessings come in plenty,” he said before professing his love for each and every one of his fans.

Accusations of FTN Bae

FTN Bae claimed she had filed a lawsuit against her former partner when she first went public with the accusation over Instagram and Twitter images of her child recounting what happened.

She expressed her desire for the police and the legal system to play their roles. In the meantime, she added, the only thing she could do was speak up and “expose this SICK MAN.”

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