Everything About Natacha van Honacker And Her Husband Relationship, Net Worth

Gorgeous Natacha van Honacker is well-known for being the spouse of a playmaker and Real Madrid footballer Eden Hazard.

Eden is a former Chelsea player who just recently joined Real Madrid.

He is a top player in the world and a member of the Belgian national team.

5 Quick Facts

  1.  Her marriage ceremony was understated.
  2.  In high school, she first ran across Eden Hazard.
  3. When she married Eden, she had just recently completed high school and was a recent high school graduate.
  4. They got in touch thanks to a mutual buddy. They both fell in love with one other at first sight.
  5. The husband has a $100 million net worth.

Bio, Age, Nationality

Her country of origin is Belgium.

Her precise age and birthdate are now being investigated, although her husband is 29 years old. There is no proof, but she might be around 26.

Facts of Natacha Van Honacker

Full Name Natacha Van Honecker
First Name Natacha
Middle Name Van
Last Name Honecker
Profession Celebrity wife
Nationality Belgian
Marital Status Married
Spouse Eden Hazard
No Of Children 3
Married Date April 2012

Relationship Status

Eden Hazard, a midfielder for Real Madrid, and she are happily married. The union took place in April 2012.

Only close friends and relatives were invited, so the ceremony wasn’t especially elaborate.

Here is a photo of the occasion, which was kept a secret. She is pictured with her son, Eden, and her spouse.

How Did They Meet And How Did It All Begin?

The two fell in love while they were teenagers. They first connected through a mutual buddy in high school, which led to their first meeting.

When they first met, their pals were gathered together.

According to sources, both fell in love with one another right away and it was just the beginning of a wonderful love tale.

Her shyness made Eden fall for her. The couple started dating soon after they initially met.

Their romance had reached its climax. This image of her stunning family looks like a dream.

After the birth of the first son, they get married

When they welcomed their first kid, the couple was not yet married. Yannis Hazard, the couple’s first child, was born on December 19, 2010.

The couple’s life was at its happiest during that time.

The pair did not decide to tie the knot and get married until two years after Yannis was born.

They finally completed it in a ceremony in April 2012, but the key was inadequate.

She had recently graduated from high school and was only a recent graduate.

She always stands by her husband and goes to the gym with him.

Greetings to Second Son Leo and Third Son Sammy

Leo, her second child, was born in February 2013. There are three kids all together for the couple.

Sammy entered their lives and made them happier. She owes everything to her three sons.

You’ll grin after seeing this photo of her three sons.

Her sons are frequently seen on the football field with their father.

When Eden Hazard was a Chelsea player, they were frequently put at Stanford Bridge.

Eden frequently prioritizes his career over his family, yet he also values family time.

Cars And Lifestyle Of Eden

The family makes a great living, but they also spend a lot of money. Great ultra high-quality autos are all over the garage.

Eden is the owner of a 110K-pound Audi R8 V10.

He also has a BMW X6 that costs about 60K pounds. His Audi RS4 Avant, which costs roughly 60,290 pounds, is also excellent.

He also has an Aston Martin Vanquish and a Range Rover Sport, each of which cost roughly 60K pounds. Costing a staggering 199,950 pounds sterling, the Aston Martin.

Here is a picture of his most costly vehicle, an Aston Martin.

Interesting Life Partner Interview

In a competition now taking place in Belgium, former Chelsea hero Eden Hazard discussed the goal of winning for the nation.

Being a member of the Golden Generation, the football player stated that the talent-filled team was made possible by the top players having a shared goal to achieve something extraordinary.

When he joined the national squad, the finest advice he ever had was to work as much as possible.

He disclosed that the players’ meals are not unique; rather, they are mixtures of everything, although overeating is not permitted.

Regarding the prior crossbar challenge and breaking his pledge, he declared that if he won the world cup, he would take the host to dinner.

He is the center of football, thus the best advice he could provide to a player hoping to emulate him was to play for the team, take pleasure in the experience, be happy, and spread happiness.

According to him, the most important factor that distinguishes an extraordinary player is recognizing that you possess qualities and are a competent professional player.

When asked about his world cup boot, he replied it was lovely and that he hoped to win the game while wearing it.

When he wins the match, the host advised him to act as though he’s making a phone call from his boot to create a funny moment. Eden even resists the need to challenge, laugh, and succeed.

Net Worth of the Husband

Her husband is incredibly wealthy, with a net worth of $100 million.

His principal sources of wealth are his wage from the football team, currently Real Madrid after formerly playing for Chelsea.

Astonishing Salary

The astonishing sum of 19.2 million euros is his annual wage from Real Madrid. The yearly equivalent is 17 million pounds.

His pay is divided into 36.43 Euros per minute and 0.61 Euros each second.

His hourly and daily earnings are 2,186 and 52,459 euros, respectively.

The details are shown in the table below:

Time Frame (Per) Salary (Euros)
Second 0.61
Minute 36.43
Hour 2,186
Day 52,459
Week 390,244
Month 1,600,000

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