Ester Expósito | Diet Plan, Fitness Training and Workout Routine | Height, Weight

Who is Ester Expósito?

Ester Expósito is an actress and model best known for her Netflix series The Elite, which helped her gain international recognition. Ester has also appeared in films and television shows such as Veneno, Tu Hijo, Estoy Vivo, Someone Has To Die, and others.

Ester also has a large Instagram following; she shares a lot of information with her followers, so the majority of them are drawn to her. Her incredible lean and toned body is one of the reasons for her appeal. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the Ester Expósito workout and diet plan, keep reading.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 54 kg
Age 23 years
Breast 33 inch
Waist 25 inch
Hips 34 inch

Ester Expósito: Diet Plan

Ester was asked about her diet and the food she eats for breakfast and dinner in the same Women Fitness interview. Ester responded that for breakfast, she enjoys strawberries with yogurt, and for dinner, she prefers either fish or meat. So, based on that, Ester eats a low-carb, high-protein diet that includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, chicken, meat, or fish.

Ester also drinks a lot of water and supplements her diet with a protein shake to stay in shape. Water also aids in the smoothing of her skin and the removal of all toxins that could harm it. As a result, make sure you drink plenty of water. Let’s take a look at a routine that you can use to get a body like Ester’s.

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The Ester Expósito diet consists of the following components:-


  • Strawberries with yogurt


  • Protein smoothie with berries, ice, and almond milk


  • Chicken
  • Salad


  • Meat or fish
  • Veggies

Ester Expósito: Workout Routine

Ester is a rising star who owes much of her success to her sexy body shape, which she has maintained by participating in various workouts and taking care of her health. Many people now believe Ester is putting in a lot of effort in her training. Is that how she’s so trim? The workout itself isn’t particularly difficult; the real challenge, as Ester has discovered, is maintaining consistency.

After some searching, I discovered what she does in her workout routine to stay in shape. Ester told Women Fitness that the workout doesn’t include many cardio exercises; instead, she gets her cardio from staying active and participating in activities. Ester’s workout consists of a combination of weight training and bodyweight exercises that target her arms, legs, and core.

Ester also stated that she would train those areas for two days straight and then take a day off. If you ask me, this is a very practical workout routine; it allows you to work every muscle in your body for the majority of the time, and you lose all the fats quickly. Now that we know Ester’s routine, let’s look at a plan that you can use to get a body like Ester’s.

The Ester Expósito workout includes the following:-

Weight Training and Bodyweight

Days of training: Two days on One day off

The workout will include weights and bands, with each part of the body getting attention. This routine will not be simple or brief, as it is an important part of our training. Make sure you’re prepared to complete the workout to the end; however, before you begin, do 10 to 15 minutes of full-body stretching to reduce your risk of injury.

Sets: 3

Reps: 15 to 20

Rest time: 30 seconds

Ester Expósito Upper Body Workout

  • Kettlebell swings
  • Kettlebell press to upright rows
  • Banded push-ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Dumbbell curls
  • Dumbbell overhead press

(Rest for 1 to 3 minutes)

Ester Expósito Core Workout

  • Tabletop crunches
  • Russian twist with a medicine ball
  • Ball crunches
  • Ball leg raises
  • Plank hold
  • Plank walk to the twister

(Rest for 1 to 3 minutes)

Ester Expósito Lower Body Workout

  • Kettlebell squats
  • Banded squat walk
  • Dumbbell lunges
  • Banded glute thruster
  • Banded donkey kickbacks to a fire hydrant
  • Banded leg lifts

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