Erin Moriarty | Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Erin Moriarty’s Workout and Diet Routine: Erin Moriarty is an actress who has appeared in films and television shows such as Blood Father, Jessica Jones, The Boys, Driven, The Miracle Season, and now The Boys Season 2. She portrays a superhero, and while doing so, she has developed an incredible personality and physique. So, let’s take a look at Erin Moriarty’s workout and diet routine.

Diet Plan of Erin Moriarty

The diet isn’t as open as the workout routine, but I did find a few hints that explain what she might eat to stay in shape. Erin Moriarty eats mostly vegetables and salads because she follows a low-carb, high-protein diet. She also drinks a lot of water, so let’s look at the strategy I devised for you.

Erin Moriarty’s diet includes:


  • Oats
  • Fruits


  • Protein smoothie


  • Chicken
  • Salad

Evening Snack

  • Juice


  • Chicken
  • Veggies

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height 5 ft 6 inch
Weight 53 kg
Age 26 years
Breast 34 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 33 inch

Workout Routine of Erin Moriarity

Erin has always been active in the gym, and her performances and physique in films like A Miracle Season and The Boys have wowed audiences. So, how does she keep her body in good shape? What is she up to? Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to respond, so let’s take a look at Erin Moriarty’s routine.

Erin Moriarty’s workout includes the following:-

Nothing on the Internet told me enough about Erin Moriarity after I searched for a while. I couldn’t find any statements where Erin mentioned her workout routine specifically, so there’s not much to discuss.

Her body shape, on the other hand, clearly indicates that she works out. But don’t worry, I’ll give you some exercises to help you get Erin’s body.


Cardio will be an important part of our workout routine because we will do it every day as a fat burner and a body warm-up. So, if you want to use other machines, such as a bicycle, going to spin class, elliptical machine, water rower, etc., we’ll start with a 30-minute treadmill run. To get the best results, you should burn at least 300 to 500 calories.

Weight Lifting by Erin Moriarty

We can see strength and lifting power in some of the roles on the show, indicating that she was working on her physique. As a result, we’ll use the weight training routine to gain strength, making it a strength and weight training mixed routine. Make sure you don’t take a longer break; instead, focus on taking 30 to 45 seconds of rest.

On weight-training days, you can always mix and match exercises to see what works best for you. You will train at least four to five days per week, doing some of the following exercises:

  • Squats
  • Press up
  • Dumbbell press
  • Leg press
  • Deadlifts
  • Shoulder press
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Bicep curls
  • Etc.

Bodyweight Exercise of Erin Moriarty

We’ll also do a 20-minute bodyweight workout; you can use a resistance band for added benefits and to work your muscles more effectively. Let’s look at the routine that you can do, which focuses on the lower body and core.

Sets: 2

Reps: 30 seconds

Rest time: 15 seconds

  • Banded squats
  • Banded lunge
  • Banded donkey kickbacks
  • Banded hip thruster
  • Banded fire hydrant
  • Banded thigh abduction
  • Banded plank reach
  • Banded plank hold
  • Banded crunches
  • Leg issues
  • Etc.

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