Erin Bria Wright Is Collaborating With My Mother For Big Things!

The late rapper Eazy-prominence E’s can be gauged by the fact that he was dubbed “The Godfather of Gangsta rap.”

Many people are familiar with the rapper and his works, but only a few are aware of Erin Bria Wright, one of the late musician’s kids. Erin Bria, a singer, and entrepreneur is working hard to make one of her goals a reality. But what really is her dream?

If you’re curious to learn more, we’ve provided the answers along with her bio. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Erin Bria Wright’s Big Project

Erin Bria is the daughter of late rapper Eazy-E and Tracy Jernigan, a former music manager. On March 26, 1995, Erin was only four years old when her father died.

On March 14, 1995, in his final days, he married his long-term lover, Tomica Woods, in front of their immediate family. Tomica was expecting their second kid at the time. Tomica and her one-year-old son with Eazy-E were both HIV and AIDS negative.

On March 17, 1995, it was announced that he had contracted AIDS and that the disease was the cause of his death. Eazy-followers E’s and friends, including his daughter Erin, refused to believe that the sickness had taken his life.

The death of the famed rapper has been labeled a conspiracy, and several people have proposed their own theories as to why he died.

So, in order to bring Eazy-true E’s tale of his death to the world, Erin, who is 26 years old, prepared an ambitious project and is intent on filming a documentary named “A Ruthless Scandal – NO MORE LIES” with her mother, Tracy Jernigan. Her brother and older sister are also assisting her with the biopic.

Furthermore, Erin discussed her documentary with and discussed the issues she hopes to address through the film. Also, she revealed an issue that could cause the documentary to be delayed,

“So we’re looking at releasing it around the same time next year. It’s been in the works, in the pre-production stage, for a while. We are looking for funding. The main focus is the scandal surrounding my father’s death, what happened to his estate, and all the people that were involved: the good, the bad, and the ugly, and it’s gonna touch a little bit more on his life. It will get more in-depth than the movie.”

as the official trailer for the documentary was released in 2016, in which Erin is seen pleading with people to fund her film so that she can investigate further and share the untold story surrounding her father, Eazy- E’s, death.

Previously, in 2015, a film named ‘Straight Outta Compton’ was released that depicted the career of the gangsta rap group N.W.A. It centered on the group’s and its members’ rise and collapse, including Eazy-E, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre.

Although Erin enjoyed the film after its release in August 2015, she expressed disappointment that it omitted most of her father’s tale and several crucial incidents.

 “I think it’s an incredible film. For the most part, it definitely gets the story out there, but I just felt like there were a lot of pivotal moments of my dad’s life that were left out.There are things that I know that my dad would have liked to have been in there.Of course, my mom would have like to have been shown as the person.  She was the one that was there through all of NWA. None of those things were shown.”

Well, Erin is working on bringing her father’s and mother’s stories to light, and she hopes to release the documentary soon!

Early Life

Erin Bria Wright was born on July 6, 1991, in Compton, California. Tracy Jernigan, her mother, and her late father, Eazy-E, gave birth to her. She is one of nine children born to late rapper Eazy-E during his lifetime.

Erin first appeared on television in MTV’s ‘My Sweet 16’ as the late rapper’s daughter. Following in the footsteps of her late father and her passion of music, she recorded music that is more pop than rap. She is particularly well-known for her rendition of “Girl Crush,” and “‘What I Want to Do.’

In the video for the song “What I Wanna Do,” Erin expresses her desire to forge her own identity and be acknowledged for her individuality rather than simply being referred to as her famed father’s daughter. She explains herself in the video in an interesting way, and you should watch it to find out more.

Along with her love of music, she expresses her creativity in various ways. She owns and operates the clothing website ‘We Want EB.’ “She also has her own hat brand. She characterizes her clothesline as follows:

“We Want EB is my campaign, my brand, and my whole movement. We Want Eazy.’ “I’m representing my father, and pushing everything I’m doing at the same time.”

Erin Bria, the artist, and businesswoman must have amassed a sizable net worth via her hard work, passion, and dedication, which has yet to be quantified.

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