Eric Lemarque Realized The Value of His Wife & Family After A Close Encounter With Death!

After being stuck on Mammoth Mountain for eight days in 2004, Eric LeMarque developed stage IV frostbite. However, the tragedy taught him the importance of his life and his family, particularly his wife and children. Learn more about the incident that occurred in 2004 and LeMarque’s relationship with his family!

The tragedy, on the other hand, taught LeMarque the importance of his life and his family, particularly his wife. They were the actual riches in his life, he realized, for they never left his side when he was fighting for his life.

Eric LeMarque Lost In Strange Woods And Thick Snow

On February 6, 2004, LeMarque skied around Mammoth Mountain in California’s Sierra Nevada range with nothing but a light jacket, some gum, damp matches, and a bag of meth.

The native of West Hills, Los Angeles, was well aware of the approaching wall of storm clouds. He was even aware that the storm would pass him by in a matter of minutes. However, his “overconfidence and poor judgment” led him into uncharted ground.

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Eric Lemarque
Source: Bushcraft Buddy

He became lost in the woods as the sunset and was forced to spend the night there. When he awoke in the morning, he pushed through the 15-foot snow to go back home.

But neither the weather nor his luck was on his side, and he became stranded in the freezing woods. He also came across coyotes, slid and fell into cold water, narrowly avoided falling over an 80-foot waterfall, trekked in the snow with only one boot and no socks on both feet, and spent seven nights without food, drink, or shelter.

Rescued By Helicopter When He Had Lost All Hopes

LeMarque was on the edge of death due to a lack of food and supplies. He had severe frostbite on his feet and legs, had lost 45 pounds, and his chances of being rescued were dwindling. But, just when LeMarque had given up hope of making it home alive on his eighth day, he heard the sound of a helicopter circling above him. The search and rescue team was aboard a National Guard Black Hawk chopper.

After then, the American-French author was taken to the hospital. His feet were originally amputated just above the ankles, but his legs were so badly wounded that they had to take another 6 inches off and cut below the knee.


According to experts, no person could withstand such extreme temperatures. LeMarque, on the other hand, defied all odds and gained the moniker “The Miracle Man.”

In 2017, a biographical film called 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain was developed based on his tale. In the film, the part of LeMarque was played by American actor Josh Hartnett.

Eric Feels Blessed To Have An Incredible Wife And Beautiful Family

In an interview with Mirror magazine in October 2017, Eric LeMarque stated that his near-death experience taught him the value of his family.

He claimed that his powder addiction [he used Meth] and overconfidence in his ability to overcome the snow were the factors that contributed to the unforgettable hurricane in his life. After the incident, he discovered “an great wife and wonderful family.”

He has a step-son named Nick as well. The international best-selling novelist now lives in Southern California with his son Zach.

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