Eric Bugenhagen’s Wife Changed His Life And Made Him A Better Person!

Eric Bugenhagen made his WWE debut in an episode of NXT Live in October 2017 under the ring name “Ric Boog.” He is a two-time WWE 24-7 Champion who made his main roster debut on SmackDown in May 2021.

Eric Bugenhagen is a YouTuber in addition to being a WWE wrestler. He has almost 240,000 subscribers and regularly posts amusing and wacky movies.

However, he primarily shares footage of himself working out in his home gym and occasionally offers tips.

He hypes himself up in those videos before lifting with ferocious ferocity. Fans can’t help but wonder about the WWE star’s better half, who prefers to keep away from his extremely public career, given his reputation and success.

Eric Bugenhagen’s Wife Changed His Life Completely

Bugenhagen maintains his personal life discreet, thus nothing is known about his wife, but she appears in his exercise films on occasion, assisting him with his lifting.

He did, however, tell how he met his wife and their relationship in one of his uploads. Bugenhagen posted a video titled ‘Relationship Breakup?’ on February 25.

He began the video by reading a question from Micheal, a 21-year-old viewer who sought some life advise from the wrestler.

Micheal questioned him if he should end his new relationship because he doesn’t know if it’s what he wants. Because of how happy Bugenhagen looked with his wife, Micheal apparently felt Bugenhagen was the appropriate person to ask the question to. As a result, Bugenhagen answered by telling a story about himself when he was 20 years old.

Eric Bugenhagen
Source: The Overtimer

He said that he had a lot of fun and got himself into a lot of trouble, and that wrestling was the last thing on his mind. He attempted to improve but failed, and he was eventually ejected from his residence.

To cut a long tale short, he met his wife while looking for a new home. That was the turning point in Bugenhagen’s life.

He eventually fell in love with her and stated that she was instrumental in getting his life back on track. He then offered his opinion.

Ups and Downs in Eric’s Relationship

In the same video, the powerlifter detailed the difficulties he and his wife faced. Bugenhagen and his wife have been through a lot together. He said that they had been destitute for many years and relied on his parents for groceries while living with his wife’s mother.

He went on to say that if he hadn’t had his wife at his side when he was struggling, he would have been more self-destructive and toxic. But, looking back, he’s delighted he stayed at his wife’s side all these years.

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