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Elizabeth Liones– Biography, Facts & Life Story

Elizabeth Liones is a fictional character in the popular anime, Seven Deadly sins. This deuteragonist of the Seven Deadly Sins appears as the princess of the Kingdom of Liones.

She happens to be the third adoptive daughter of the king, Barta. Similarly, she also happens to be the Goddess Elizabeth’s 107th reincarnation.


Sora Amamiya, a Japanese actress, contributed her voice to princess, Elizabeth Liones. She is also known for contributing voice to Anime series like Punch Line, Ninja Slayer From Animation, and Divine Gate. Currently, she is associated with the News Network, Music Ray’s.

Erika Harlacher, an American voice actress voiced the character in the English version. She is also known for voicing characters like Kurapika in Hunter X Hunter, Videl in Dragon Ball Super, and Victoria in The Idhun Chronicles.

Elizabeth Liones
Elizabeth Liones ( Source: Pinterest)

Elizabeth Liones- Early Life

Elizabeth Liones was born on 12th June. She was originally from the Kingdom of Dana for. Her name was Liz in her previous life. Liz died due to the destruction of the Kingdom, Dana for. After that, she reincarnated as  Elizabeth. Meliodas rescued her and his Dragon Handle during the destruction.

Soon after that, King Bartra Liones and the Great Holy Knight of Liones, Zaratras, discovered the pair. Meliodas was protective of her at first because he was still mourning the loss of Liz, but he finally left her in the care of Bartra and his wife Caroline, the first foreseeing the occurrence and the latter adopting her as their third child.

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Relationship Status

Meliodas is deeply in love with Elizabeth Liones in the story. The Holy War exploded as a result of their forbidden love. Since Meliodas was the son of a demon king, and Elizabeth was a goddess and the daughter of the Supreme Deity, their love was forbidden.

Elizabeth Liones
Elizabeth Liones and Meliodas ( Source: Pinterest)

The romance caused worldwide turmoil, resulting in the Holy War. Meliodas, on the other hand, was cursed with everlasting life without Elizabeth by God. Elizabeth and Meliodas are reunited after more than 3000 years since Elizabeth is on a journey with the Meliodas.


Elizabeth is a very respectful, thankful, and loving person who favors a friendly, diplomatic approach even during a war. She has a calm yet extremely warm attitude toward others, assisting them as much as she can and even giving strangers a place to stay. Even though there are many derogatory rumors about them, Elizabeth treats the Seven Deadly Sins with great reverence and confidence, even addressing them as ‘lord’ and ‘lady’ at first. She is very outgoing and loves collaborating with others to accomplish their objectives and return to their loved ones.


Ark- She can use the archetypal magic technique Ark, which can produce light since she is a member of the Goddess Clan. She uses energy beams, blasts, and barriers in several ways.

Tranquilize– Elizabeth produces a cleansing mist by extending her arms. It can remove centuries of demonic miasma from Melascula.

Empathic Power– She possesses a mysterious ability that allows her to communicate with the souls. She was able to convince several minor demons to escape during the Holy War battle.

Healing– As a druid, she has the power to heal. Using her magical ability, she can cure and treat severe injuries.

Flight- Elizabeth has shown that she can summon her original wings to help her fly. Her wings are strong enough to keep Diane in her giant form for an extended period.


At the start of the series, she was wearing the old rusted knight Armour to search for the captain of the seven deadly sins, Meliodas. However, she does have the physical strength required to carry the Armour.

Elizabeth Liones- Height, Weight

She has silver hair and blue eyes. Her eye color changes to Orange when she transforms into a goddess. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs in at a healthy weight.

Elizabeth Liones
Elizabeth Liones ( Source: Pinterest)

Notable Quotes

Farewell everyone…I shall not look back. This is my resolve. I do not regret a single thing up until now. That is why I will continue facing forward, together with Meliodas.

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