Does Amir Tsarfati and His Five Children Have a Happy Life?

Amir Tsarfati

The self-founded non-profit organization Behold Israel is run by the Bible teacher Amir Tsarfati, who has dedicated his life to educating people about Israel.

In addition to his commitment to his nation, Tsarfati also values his family and has been happily married to his wife for many years.

Children And Wife Of Amir Tsarfati

Tsarfati and his wife Miriam appear to have been married for more than ten years, despite the fact that he has not disclosed any information about their personal life.

They have three sons and one daughter between them.

He does, however, occasionally mention his family on his social media accounts and is not overly flamboyant about them.

Tsarfati posted a family photo to Facebook in February 2017 to commemorate his son Ariel’s graduation.

According to the photo in the post, his son appears to be in the military. He is pictured standing with a gun in his hand while wearing a military outfit.

Details of Tsarfati’s Career

The Witness Jerusalem, Israel, is the birthplace of Israel’s founder. The Jerusalem-born and -raised Jewish family. He has a strong sense of loyalty to his nation, which is evident in his work for Israel.

The 49-year-old was previously Jericho’s deputy governor in the military, where he was in charge of coordination and negotiation with the Palestinians.

He enrolled in Israel’s School of Tourism after completing his military service, and he later worked as a certified tour guide. Later, Sar EI Tours and Conferences elevated him to CEO.

Following his calling, Tsarfati started preaching the gospel within evangelical Christianity and started on the path to achieving a higher goal by bringing his nation to the attention of the world.
In that effort, he established the nonprofit Behold Israel, whose major goal is to update and teach the world on Israel from the perspective of biblical history and prophecy.

Tsarfati has visited a number of churches and conferences to spread his message to a larger audience. Additionally, he disseminates his message via numerous social media websites and online courses.

What Is the Net Worth of Amir Tsarfati?

Tsarfati does not get any direct compensation from Behold Israel because it is a nonprofit organization.

The day Approaching, Operation Joktan, Israel and the Church, and other novels by Tsarfati also contribute to his wealth.

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