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Who is Kara Lawson?

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Kara Lawson, the WNBA champion, appeared to have luck on her side in 2008 when she received two rings: her husband’s wedding band and the WNBA championship ring.

Relationship Details, Kara Lawson is Married?

On April 12, 2008, the former basketball star and her spouse Damien Barling exchanged vows.
In Sacramento, Kara and Damien first ran into one another. After dating for a while, they decided to take their love to the next level and get married after Kara won the WNBA championship in 2008.

In fact, Kara was given two expensive rings in the same year. What an unforgettable way to honor a wedding!

Kara’s former college basketball coach Pat Summitt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011, thus the two took part in the event together to raise money for his care.

Kara and her husband immediately became involved in the effort to raise money for the disease after realizing that the research for the condition was under-funded as they dug deeper into the problem of Alzheimer’s.

The two were successful in raising thousands of dollars, and they received nothing but praise for their generosity.

The couple enjoys a thirteen-year happy marriage with each other’s support in every area of life.

Details of Her Husband

Damien Barling, Kara’s husband, is a multi-platform writer and podcaster with over 17 years of experience in the radio and sports industries.

The University of Phoenix grad started off as a personal trainer, worked at CBS radio, and eventually worked his way up to becoming a multimedia journalist and social media coordinator at Audacy right now.

On ESPN 1320, he co-hosts with D-Lo and KC, and he is well recognized for creating and hosting a large number of podcasts.

The founder of BeHeard and his wife currently reside in Sacramento, where their careers first took off.
A Brief Bio
In terms of her personal life, Kathleen Lawson and William Lawson were the parents of the WNBA champion.

Her father sadly passed away in 2017. She posted the heartbreaking news on Facebook after dedicating a letter to her deceased father.

Kara’s parents did everything in their power to help her and her sister Susan grow up to be responsible adults.

Professional career

She had considered a career as a basketball coach before being recently appointed head coach of the Duke Blue Devils.

Net worth

The former WNBA player has made her mark in every capacity she has played, just as her father claimed.

She established her fame as an athlete by winning a WNBA championship in 2005 and being selected to the 2007 WNBA All-Star team.

She started working in the media as a basketball television analyst for the Washington Wizards and ESPN when she retired.

Kara likely makes more now given that the average head coach compensation in the US in 2019 was over $400,000.

In addition, a source claims that the head coach’s net worth as of 2021 is $1 million.

She had to stop coaching for a while because of the COVID pandemic, but she is now back in the game and back to her job as head coach.

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