Ding Junhui Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Chinese snooker Ding Junhui is a well-known name in the snooker world. With his top ranking game awards, he is regarded as the best Chinese snooker player in history.

Ding has a stable family situation with his wife, similar to his fame and career stability. He is happily married and manages both his career and his family life. Interestingly, his family happiness is at an all-time high because he and his partner are expecting a child together.

Relationship Status: Single?

When it comes to his love life, Ding is strictly private. Living a secluded life in the midst of such fame undoubtedly raises many questions about his personal life among his fans.

Because of his low-key demeanor, he was rumored to have had romantic encounters with some of China’s most famous women, including Chinese women’s nine-ball world champion Pan Xiaoting and model Wang Jiaying.

Ding, on the other hand, dispelled the rumors with the fact of his happy marriage. He first discussed his love life after winning the Welsh Open in 2012.

Ding revealed that he and Apple Zhang had been happily married since 2014. He stated that his love, Apple, aided his career by caring for him, preparing meals, and even encouraging him to train harder every day.

Although Ding revealed his relationship status, he kept the wedding details to himself. Furthermore, he has yet to be spotted with his wife.

Nonetheless, Ding and his partner announced that they are expecting their first child in August 2018. They currently reside in Sheffield in a lavish home that includes Ding’s snooker table for practice in the garage.

Ding Junhui is the youngest person to win the IBSF World Under-21 Championship.

Ding was born on April 1, 1987 in Yixing, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China to Chinese parents Chen Xijuan and Ding Wenjun.

Ding’s father, a snooker fan, took Ding to practice with a professional snooker player when he was eight years old. When his father returned from his break, young Ding had already finished the game.

Ding’s parents became aware of his snooker talent as a result of the event. So, at the age of nine, he was sent to the Chinese national snooker team’s training center near Shanghai. His parents even sold their home and grocery store to support Ding’s snooker career.

Ding had achieved international acclaim by the age of 15. He won the Asian Under-21 Championship and the Asian Championship, becoming the youngest person to ever win the IBSF World Under-21 Championship.

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Ding was already a professional snooker player in 2003. In China, he was the number one player. He held 13 ranking titles until now, with five maximum breaks of 147 and over 450 centuries breaks in his career.

Ding Junhui: Five Interesting Facts

Ding Junhui advanced to the quarter-finals of the Shanghai Masters after defeating Mark Allen 6-3 on September 11, 2018.

Ding Junhui dropped four places in the world rankings after winning the China Open because he took a wild card and thus missed the qualifying rounds that carry points.

Ding Junhui was the first to win the UK Championship after beginning in the first qualifying round and winning nine matches.
Terry Griffiths, the 1979 world champion, was his coach, and he credits the acclaimed 68-year-old Welshman with training his mind to be ready for the biggest matches.

Ding began winning national and regional snooker youth championships at the age of 15, quickly becoming China’s top player.

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