Did Anya Taylor-Joy Get Plastic Surgery? A Look Into The Rumors

Anya Taylor-Joy rocketed to international fame after starring in Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit as Beth Harmon, a phenomenal chess player. She also starred in the 2020 comedy-drama version of Jane Austin’s Emma as the main character.

Peaky Blinders (2019), Glass (2019), Split (2016), and The Witch are some of Anya’s other works (2015). She has portrayed a wide range of characters in all of the aforementioned films and television shows, and she is set to appear in even more.

Anya is lauded for her uncommon beauty in addition to her performance, and some have speculated that the actress has undergone plastic surgery. Anya’s rumors, on the other hand, aren’t supported by anything other than some followers seeing her changes over time. While Anya has never admitted to having plastic surgery, she has been candid about her beauty routine.

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Except when working, Anya Taylor-Joy doesn’t wear make-up

When speaking with W Magazine, the star of The Queen’s Gambit confessed that when she wasn’t working, she avoided wearing cosmetics. I don’t wear makeup unless I’m working… I don’t have the necessary skills! All I’ll do is put on some lipstick (my favorites are deep purples and reds) and any mascara my sister has in her cupboard.

Anya doesn’t get much exercise because she is active all day, especially when she is working. If she has the time, she also tries to walk to her destination.

Frances Cha inspired her to pursue a career in skincare.

Anya wasn’t a big fan of skincare at first, but she changed her attitude after realizing how important her skin was to her job. Reading Frances Cha’s If I Had Your Face was another item that helped her. Despite the fact that it is a fiction novel and not about skincare, it motivated her to take better care of her skin.

Until approximately two years ago, when I suddenly realized I should probably start caring for the item I used to work with, I never washed my face or paid attention to skin care. If I Had Your Face, by Frances Cha, was an amazing novel that I read.

Anya went on to say that the book taught her about Korean skincare and inspired her to take better care of herself. She also professed her admiration for the author and her fictional work.

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Anya Taylor-Joy Is Into Everything Absurd

Anya became concerned about skincare later in life, but she is now quite passionate about it. Baths with salts and aromatic oils are one of her favorite self-care rituals. Anya credits her mother with instilling her love for baths, which she enjoys turning into a ritual.

Anya is also interested in more advanced treatments such as cryotherapy, which involves using freezing temperatures to cure the body. Anya, on the other hand, stated to Elle that she was into anything outrageous.

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