Details On Billy Idol’s Relationship with Girlfriend China Chow!

Billy Idol, born William Michael Albert Broad, is a well-known English musician and actor who rose to notoriety in the 1970s as the lead vocalist of Generation X, a band that sprang from the London punk rock movement.

The 65-year-length old’s and lucrative career had rough points, particularly during his unbridled debauchery in the 1980s. With almost half a dozen studio albums, several hits, and multiple award wins and nominations under his belt, Idol now leads a much calmer and toned-down life. His partner China Chow, 47, whom Billy Idol has been dating since 2018, deserves credit for assisting him in maintaining a controlled demeanor in recent years.

Girlfriend Chow for a Healthier Life

According to the Daily Mail in December 2019, Idol has moved on from his drug-addled past and now lives a healthy lifestyle. The singer walked the black carpet with Chow at GQ’s Men of the Year Celebration in West Hollywood, according to the story.

At the event, Idol wore a pinstripe suit with a matching black shirt and leather shoes, and the duo kissed passionately. Chow, a British-American actress, wore a semi-sheer black gown and a crocodile-skin clutch purse to the event.

In June of the same year, at the premiere of the MOCA Museum, the singer sat down with the journal and indicated that he was concentrating on cardio in the gym. He stated that a vocalist needs to keep in shape and have a lot of breath, which he desired.

“It’s mostly cardio. Because I don’t just stand there on stage, I have to do a lot of workout. I’m completely engrossed, and you’ll need all of your breath, “Added he.

Grew up in a drug-addled world

Despite his contributions to the music industry, the singer is best known for his engagement in 1980s rock culture and drug use. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph in August 2019, Idol reflected on his wild days, saying that being secluded in the drug scene seemed like living in another world. He lived his life as if “the world was going to end tomorrow” with such feelings.

The higher you get, the more cut off you become from the rest of humanity. I had a lot of fun (being) like that back then. Later, Idol stated that doing such things at his age would be absurd. Instead, he claims that his live performances now give him a high, and that his bad habits have been reduced to “red wine and the occasional marijuana.”

Billy Idol- Relationship Status

To this day, Idol is rumored to be single, which has fueled allegations that he is gay. He was so close to singer-guitarist Adam Bomb, whom he met in 1985, that he was linked to having romantic ties with him. However, neither their relationship nor Idol’s dating rumors with any men were ever proven.

His connection with Perri Lister, an English singer, dancer, and former member of Hot Gossip, was, nonetheless, well-known. They were married for a long time and had a son, Willem Wolf Broad, who was born in Los Angeles in 1988. After Idol and Lister divorced in 1989, the singer gave birth to his second kid, Bonnie Blue, from a previous relationship with Linda Mathis.

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