Details About Charlotte Hopkins’ Married Life and Relationships!

Charlotte Hopkins is a well-known name in the world of law and order. If you didn’t already know, she’s a well-known American family attorney as well as a renowned author.

Aside from her professional career, she is well-known for her marriage to former professional NBA player Terry Bradshaw.

Despite the fact that the couple is no longer together owing to irreconcilable disagreements, Hopkins has achieved considerable celebrity and media attention. The lady in question is the mother of two children by her ex-husband, and here are all the data you need to know about her love life, basic information, and much more.

Charlotte Hopkins- Early Life

Charlotte Hopkins was born in the heart of the United States of America on April 17, 1962. She is of American nationality and speaks with a Caucasian accent. For the time being, details about her parents and background have been withheld from the media due to privacy concerns.

In terms of education, the 61-year-old graduated from Denton High School in 1980. Her academic education was finished with distinction at Texas Woman’s University. Not only that, but she also earned a law degree from Southern Methodist University.

Hopkins has been a successful attorney at KoonsFuller Family Law for over a decade, handling divorce disputes, property distribution, child custody, paternity, prenuptial agreements, and many other issues. Fans may have seen her in magazines such as Lantana Living and ARGYLE Living.

Relationship Status

Charlotte Hopkins was the third wife of Terry Bradshaw, an NFL player. Back in 1986, the pair tied the knot to make things official. During their marriage, they had two gorgeous kids named Rachel Bradshaw and Erin Bradshaw. However, after 15 years of marriage, the parents-to-two split in 1999.

Following the divorce, both girls, Rachel and Erin, remained with their father, while their mother left the marriage. Charlotte is now married to her second husband, Rick Hagen, whom she married on July 29, 2012. Terry is currently married to his fourth wife, Tammy Bradshaw, with whom he has two daughters.

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