Details About Cam Newton’s Son With Baby Mama Kia Proctor – Camidas Swain Newton

Cam Newton, a footballer, has been named one of the best athletes in history by winning the Heisman Trophy, winning a national title, and becoming the first overall pick in an NFL draft all in the same year. Cam is a fantastic father, despite his illustrious sporting career.

With girlfriend Kia Proctor, he has four children: Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton, Chosen Sebastian Newton, Camidas Swain Newton, and Cashmere Saint Newton.

However, they have broken up after Cam Newton began dating Instagram model La Reina Shaw, with whom he purportedly had a child.

For the time being, let’s discover more about Cam Newton’s son, Camidas Swain Newton, the Newton clan’s third child.

Custody and Parents

Camidas Swain Newton was born in 2018 as the third child of footballer Cam Newton and former stripper Kia Proctor. Camidas’ older brother Cam has a long and illustrious playing career, with numerous championships to his credit.

Camidas’ mother, Kia, is a model who manages a number of projects. Cam and Kia, his parents, aren’t married and have also called off their relationship.

Camidas Swain Newton
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Camidas Swain Newton, on the other hand, is living the high life thanks to his father Cam’s excellent football career. Camidas and his Papa Cam go on vacation together and spend a lot of time together. The father-son duo is adorable together, and we hope they continue to develop as individuals.

Has a large number of siblings

Cam Newton’s kid, Camidas Swain Newton, is not the only Newton to have been born into the family. He has three more siblings: Chosen Sebastian Newton and Cashmere Newton, brothers, and Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton, a sister.

He also has an older sister named Shakira, who is the result of his mother Kia’s previous relationship. Camidas and his brother spend a lot of time with their father and go on trips with him, looking at his father’s Instagram.

Camidas appears to spend the majority of his day playing with his father and brothers. And Cam has been sharing adorable photos of their time together with us.

Camidas Swain Newton Father
Source: The Jasmine Brand

We wish Camidas good health and successful parenting.

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