Details About Bon Jovi and His Brief Romance With Diane Lane!

Diane Lane is an American actress who has worked in the profession for more than four decades. She landed her first film, A Little Romance, when she was 14 years old, and went on to win the award for “Best Young Actress in a Major Motion Picture” for her 1981 picture Touched by Love.

She gained news for dating Grammy-winning musician Jon Bon Jovi when she was only 20 years old, in addition to her apparent acting abilities.

She was well-known as Bon Jovi’s hard-partying girlfriend even before she married Christopher Lambert and actor Josh Brolin in 1985. Here’s everything you need to know about Diane Lane’s connection with Bon Jovi, who was her boyfriend at the time.

Relationship Status

According to her interview with Watch What Happens Live presenter Andy Cohen, the bona fide movie star and Oscar nominee recalls her relationship with the musician as “a fantastic one” that “any girl should experience when she’s that young.”

Diane Lane
Source: Parade

“When you’re 20, five months with someone is a long time,” she remarked. “The fact that we’ve been together for so long reminds me of my first marriage.”

She remembered how her boyfriend would go on tours with his buddies and be out of touch with her for months at a time, but they would always come back strong as if nothing had happened. The couple began dating in 1985, a year after Bon Jovi made their debut in the music industry.

Despite the fact that neither of them has revealed how or where they met, the sources believe they did so through a mutual friend’s link.

Why Did Bon Jovi and Diane Lane Break Up?

In the same year, the couple broke up after less than five months of dating. Despite the fact that the couple has been separated for more than three decades, it is apparent that people are still intrigued about the reasons behind their breakup.

Rick Bozzette, Bon Jovi’s former tour manager, said in his memoir, Sex, Drugs, and Bon Jovi, that Lane’s relationship with the band’s lead guitarist, Richie Sambora, may have contributed to the band’s separation.

In his memoir, Bozzett stated, “The very thing that made Jon feel so impassioned toward Diane Lane in the first place ended up being the basis for their quick, unceremonious breakup.”

He went on to describe Lane as “young and crazy” and a “party animal.”

jon bon jovi
Source: People

Bon Jovi discovered her partying with one of his bandmates, which sparked a major spat between the couple. “That wasn’t a good day for Jon’s relationship with Diane, let alone Jon’s friendship with Richie.”

Following his breakup with the Oscar nominee, Bon Jovi reunited with his high school love, Dorothea Hurley, and married her in 1989.

After three decades and four children, the couple is still together.

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