Demi Lovato Educates Her Followers About Grammar ‘They/Them’

Demi Lovato, who came out as non-binary in May 2021, has created an informative piece about the pronouns “they” and “them.” They grammed a sequence of photographs on July 21, the first of which stated that there was no hard and fast rule about not referring to another individual as they or them.

The second illustration highlighted that the single pronoun “they/them” is a gender-neutral pronoun used when referring to someone whose gender we don’t know or who has already stated that they use “they/them” pronouns for themselves.

Demi Lovato
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Conservatives have recently stated that using the singular “they” pronoun is grammatically improper, according to the post. The image included a screenshot of Candace Owens’ tweet, in which she stated that announcing one person’s pronouns as ‘they’ and ‘them’ was simply terrible grammar.

Owens, a conservative author and talk show personality, similarly remarked that Demi Lovato didn’t care about the reasons for low academic accomplishment and asked that people “please stop trying to make it an issue.”

The singular they/them was grammatically proper, according to Lovato’s article. To demonstrate this, the offer included an example in the post that said, Not only that, but the post also said that the singular they pronoun has been used in English since the fourteenth century. For example, one of history’s most famous poets, Emily Dickinson, used it in 1881. In a 1991 state of the union address, former US President George W. Bush used it.

On the final slide, Bernstein, an Instagram celebrity and queer activist, responded to Owens’ remark. They reiterated that all languages are made up, and that languages evolve over time to fit people’s needs.

This isn’t the first time Lovato has used her platform to raise awareness about the LGBTIQ+ community and the use of “they/them” pronouns. A simple glance at their Instagram page reveals a stream of powerful messages, declarations, and in-depth information about the LGBTQ+ community.

Hungry, Lovato’s upcoming pilot, is presently in production. A series about a group of pals who are members of a “food-issues” organization.
The actress admitted on Instagram on July 20 that they were nervous before recording their first onscreen personal scene for the series. Other cast and crew members, on the other hand, consoled them.

Valerie Bertinelli, Anna Akana, Alex Brightman, and Ashley D. Kelley also star in the film.

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